Monday, July 12, 2010

{That's Our Kinda Love} and The Mormon Diet

Oh.... Tim McGraw! How old is he? Old I think.... but he is still a hunk [minus the chest hair, not really doing it for me]!! My wonderful boyfriend and I decided what the hey! An we bought tickets to see Tim and Lady A July 30th! I am BEYOND excited!

The last (and only) concert I went to was Nickleback with Stained and Chris Daughtry.... Took my mom and little sis 2 or 3 years ago... it was EPIC!

*I Miss My Mom*

Anyways, when we saw Nickleback we had lawn seats... which kinda sucks... too many CRAZY people, not enough space!... But the fact that: it was 3 artists whom I believe have 9 good songs for every 1 bad song: really made it worth the time...

Which is why I am super psyched for this concert... I love Tim McGraw... of all the country singers I would want to see in concert he is literally at the top of the list! And then we found out that his opening act is Lady A??Talk about sealing the deal... we are soooooo going!!! Lady A is hot right now... I dont think they have a single song I don't like :) and This time we have reserved seats {twice the cost of lawn seats! ouch!}

Oh and i told my wonderful boyfriend that I feel like we are on the latest and greatest diet...

The Mormon Diet!

It is real simple... all you have to do is live in Utah where all the good restaurants are closed on Sunday! It is tough to blow your diet when all the ice cream shops aren't open! Seriously though, My boyfriend and I have noticed that a ton of stuff is closed on his only real day off, Sunday... Kinda stinks, but it keeps us from over indulging!

And.... I just got back from the gym! yay me! 2 miles Ran{14mins 20 secs}/Walked {16mins} 2 min intervals as best I could... which is a slow as molasses speed for 'running' but gotta do what you can and be happy with it! Today was supposed to be an off day according to SHAPE but since I took yesterday off [drama] I moved the workout to today to make it up! I think tomorrow is a treadmill day again... meh...

Oh! and my new favorite workout song is "Grease Lightning"... yes! the one that John Travolta sings... just listen to the beat & lyrics... incase you were looking for something to mix up your playlist!

That is all.


  1. Great job on your workout! The concert sounds awesome - country music fan here! Greas Lightening, huh?!?! Who'd a thunk it?


  2. Tim is 43!!! YOUNGER than I am young lady!!!

    I am will be a great concert. The best I have ever been to was Papa Roach and Buck Cherry.

    You did great at they gym!!

  3. I'm not a country fan, BUT...a concert sounds like a welcome distraction!!! :)

    PS-I LOVE greased lightening...actually Grease is my fav movie of all time! But...have you ever really listened to the lyrics?!?!?!? I had NO idea that song was that dirty!!!!!!! LOL

  4. I know right!?! It is a very very dirty song.. hehe... still good for pushing yourself in a workout!

  5. Love the Movie Grease!!!!!!
    I never really listen to the words for greased lightning, guess I will look that up one day.

    Well have a good time at the concert and keep up the good work with the exercise.


  6. a good play list can really get me moving! Great job on the workout!!!

  7. Lol we experienced a bit of the Mormon Diet in Arizona. It was strange at first.

    I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I have an award for you.

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about! I just wanted a good salad on Sunday. NOTHING was open.

  9. Haha I'm a mormon so I guess I've never thought about it being weird because its just something we've always done. I can see it being frustrating though. We just believe in Sunday being a special day where we go to church, worship, spend time with family, and not work that day. Therefore everything being closed. :)