Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 POUNDS of Popcorn?!?

So a brief update to start.... YES! I went to the gym... did 38minutes on the bike... not because I couldn't go longer, but I was running short on time and my co-workers were leaving... I did hit a wall at about 20 minutes but i pushed past it! YAY!

As for the title... Yes! I bought 8 pounds of pop corn... weird thing is, if you ate the entire jug it would only be about 3 pounds worth of calories... What happens to the other 5 pounds?!

I find air popping my own pop corn to be fun, exciting and surprisingly delicious! and it is super low cal for the volume of food you get to eat....

Also, today is day 3 of not drinking soda! wahoo! I am not aiming for any specific number of days, but I had noticed that the more often I drank my diet soda the more I wanted it.... and I also craved sweets, but was never really satisfied by whatever 'sweet' thing I chose to calm the craving... I will probably have some tomorrow... but the good news is I have been drinking water like crazy... probably too much... does anyone know how much water is too much?

{side note: I have had blood work done to test for diabetes (in the past - maybe a year ago was my most recent test) and they always come ack negative.... healthy as a horse actually, except the extra weight}


  1. I am a massive diet soda addict even though I know how bad it is. Apparently it causes fluid retention as well so you are more likely to get cankles, etc. That is great you are drinking more water. I dont know how much is too much. I think I read somewhere that if you do drink too much and over hydrate then it causes something to go wrong with the essential salts and stuff that you need in your body. Dont quote me but might be something to research.

  2. WOW...that is a LOT of popcorn! I LOVE popcorn!!! Good for you on the soda thing. I am drinking tea and water. I used to drink diet coke. Have not had any for awhile and got one yesterday. Did not taste good.

    Do you put anything on your popcorn?

  3. That is good about the soda part, I am glad that you are not testing for diabetes, I have that...that popcorn looks great!

    Where did you get that?


  4. good job on the no soda!!!! I drink a TON of water and have never had a problem. From what Ive heard if you start to feel ill and/or have clear pee (sorry tmi) then you should cut back on your water intake.