Friday, July 9, 2010

Just keep swimming.... Just keep swimming...

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

Yep! I went swimming today.... in this pool here:

It's in the very expensive gym that i wanted to join a while back... I have like 15 pre-paid visits, so I decided i could cash one in to go for a swim... I honestly CANNOT believe that I actually went... I thought I would be getting off at 2:30pm today, but I forgot that since Monday was a holiday we only get to leave at 3:00pm... lame... I had planned on rushing to the pool, getting my swim in {Swim day according to SHAPE}, rushing home to spend 'us' time with my boyfriend before he went to work and then maybe going shopping for some quick deals...

Well, since I did not get off at 2:30pm I decided to just go home to see the boy... I thought that i would skip the gym and maybe just play with my Wii Fit... So I had some 'us' time with my boy and packed him a lunch (so as to avoid him eating at the BK) and he reminded me that I promised to drop off his medical forms for his doctor to fill out (something about family medical leave... idk, but his work required it because he was too sick to work 6/27-6/30)...

So I drove to Rite Aid... got some sweet deals and then drove to the doctor... when I was there they told me that since they were just a clinic they did not have to fill out the forms... aprox. WFT?!? the doctor that saw my boyfriend was on duty and he was refusing to fill out the form! I am beyond pissed! Who the heck else is going to fill it out? And he HAS to have it filled out to get his leave approved to not get in trouble (read: FIRED) at work... But Rite Aid and the Doctor are right next to the gym and since I packed my swim bag and had it in the car (GO ME!!) i stopped by for a swim...

I cannot believe I got in my swimsuit and actually let people see me! Yikes! but i felt really good, even though I swam like a drowning victim... I swim like a rock... hahahaha! But I did 8 laps (16 one-ways) and then got the heck out of dodge!

I smell like pool!!!
It's great!


  1. I go to the pool and do water exercises 3 days a week I know the feeling of "I smell like a pool"

    Glad that you got to go in there and swim, good for you for not just getting totally frustrated after all that you went through with the medical forms and all!

    Well take care and have a great weekend...


  2. You go girl!

    Swam like a drowning crack me up!

    I hope the form stuff gets taken care of!

  3. I LOVE Dori! :) Now I will have that song in my head all day. :)

    Way to go on the swim, it is so tiring, isn't it? Good job!