Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Impulse Buy?


I am SUPER exhausted... ever have one of those days? yea well I am having one of those months!

I decided that I am going to have to hit the gym [or do some form of cardio] in order to get my scale moving again... Before I started this challenge, I was just controlling my diet to lose weight... which DOES work... anyone can lose weight by just watching what you eat.. BUT you will not lose as fast... and once your body adjusts to your new ways of eating then you'll be forced to mix it up...

So that is where I am... I have to mix it up... my low calorie and semi-carb-phobic diet is just not going to cut it alone anymore! I posted before about joining a gym that costs roughly $300/year ($375 if I get a couples membership)... but i have to face it, my boyfriend is NOT going to the gym with me... he works 5 x 12hr shifts minimum per week and doesn't have the time. Plus, skinny-with-out-trying runs in his family (PLEASE GOD LET OUR KIDS GET THOSE GENES!!) so he doesn't really need to... sure he would tone up and just be that much more sexy... but he REALLY does not need to go, and honestly does not have the time...

So I am alone... *so sad*

Well, back in March I was going 2-3 times per week for 30mins with my -grandmother- of all people! She has lost a ton of weight (not that she -needed- to) by doing the elliptical which is good for her knees... I got sent on a month long assignment out of state and when I came back I just never started going again... plus, to go with her means hitting up the gym at 5:30pm every night for only 30mins and I never feel like going... and I have to drive against traffic to get to her gym... and it costs $4/visit .... blah blah blah... excuses I know...

So my solution?

Well there are a few guys in my office that walk like 3 blocks from our office to a local gym @ lunch... Planet Fitness....

It is really inexpensive, I'm talkin' $10/month and $40/year in other fees... so for less than the cost of 4 visits to my gma's gym I can go to this one on my lunch break... AND it is kind of a win-win scenario in that I will actually be taking my lunch! My employer insists that everyone works 8am-5pm which is 9hours... 1 hour for lunch of course... but no one ever takes an hour to go to lunch! so you end up 'donating' an hour of your time since the start and end times are not flexible really.... so this way I will not be exhausted by the time I have to go to the gym, I will use my lunch break for ME and I will have gym 'buddies' to encourage me to go...

And you can cancel without penalty anytime... blah blah... very loose and inexpensive contract...

I am excited!


  1. I am excited for you too!! And it's great that you have co-workers to go with!! I have a membership at the fitness center in my office building and like you said a) it forces me to take a lunch - ME time; and more importantly b) get my workout in. I love it! You will too!


  2. That is so cool! Wonderful price! I agree with you...it is so much easier to do exercise with others and not alone.

  3. That Laura sounds wonderful, I like the idea of going with co workers and that will keep you motivated and you will most likely keep at it, I go to a gym and do water exercises 3 days a week I started with a class and now just meet a friend 2 days and 1 day I go alone and I always have people in the water to talk with...

    Good plan for you.


  4. 1. You have a new follower too :P
    2. I often work through my lunch. Not because I have to or anything... and it was stupid
    3. My bosses are super supportive of me taking my lunch hour (or lunch + 15) to go to the gym (especially b/c they know where to find me (I go to my work gym)
    4. And it was just indicative of all the other times and ways in my life that i didn't take care of myself for stupid reasons...

    so I'm with you... keep at it, hon!

  5. YAY!!!! Good for you! I hope you like it!

  6. I wish I had a gym that was even withing 20 miles from me. I would love to work out. I think you found a the perfect place and at a perfect price!!! Congratulations on the weight loss! And thanks for visiting my blog. I emailed you about the giveaway I posted today.

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!!!

  7. how cool! What a great price and that you can go during your lunch break is even better! How exciting. Enjoy :)

  8. I'm another new follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog and being so encouraging :) I can so relate to the partner with the skinny genes. He just has to think about exercising and loses weight. In fact he has heaps of protein drinks just to maintain his weight! Crazy how different we are! ANd bloody unfair!