Friday, July 30, 2010

Leavin' on an airplane....

Okay, well truthfully I am writing this on a plane which means we'll
have landed by the time it posts...

A few things to reflect on if you'll humor me :)

1. OMG Tim McGraw tonight!!!

2. I don't think I gave ever wanted to see another human being as much
as I want to see my boyfriend right now - that's gotta mean something.

3. Preggers test ASAP when I get home - odds of me actually being with
child are about as good as you winning this weeks lottery (what you
don't have a ticket, those kind of odds)... But it would sure explain
my moods lately!!

4. You (my readers) are not my friends... And it makes me sad! Okay
okay, stay with me on this one... How many blogs do you read? I have
40 readers , roughly 10 or so are avid commentors, but really how many
blogs do you read?? Personally I read like 10 religiously and
depending on the title of the post I have 50+ blogs that I could
read... But ultimately the owners of these blogs don't have rime to be
friends with every person that reads their blog.

For example, I was bored one day and starting blog hopping... Some
blog somewhere {I don't remember it} had a button with the face of an
ADORABLE little (toddler) girl and the wording "Friends of Maddie" ...
So of course I clicked it and spent the next hour or two bawling my
eyes out (and I may or may not have been at work haha! On lunch break
of course) ... The point is I felt a connection with that family and
wanted more... Well Maddie's mom had another blog (google: the sphors
are multiplying) which I devoured... Litterally read every post...
Well that particular blogger writes in a style that genuinely makes
you feel like you are part of her life... But you're not...

So, when this treadmill competition came along and voting started I
was like all my 'friends' will help me... I'll ask XYZ blog to promote
me!! Ummm no... Because while I have become fond of them and their
blog, they don't know me from Eve.... And certianly not to the point
where they would ask their readers to help... And that's not a bad
thing, it's just something I didn't want to accept... And to tell you
the truth, I didn't really ask anyone to help in that way, because
after thinking about it I realized what I just posted and wrote this

I LOVE my readers and everyone that stops by... I'd love to be your
friend, I feel like I am, but I guess it depends on both parties
feeling that way right?

Anyways, here is my shameless beg for help: if you have a computer can
you vote for me? And if you have a blog would you mind putting the
word out for me? Us little bloggers gotta stick together! The nice
thing about asking you via my blog is there is no akward "uhhh yea I'd
rather not..." or "umm we aren't really that close"


Anyways - back to weightloss chat starting tomorrow... I'm excited to
see my scale! Hope I didn't gain more than 5lbs!!

Wish me luck!
Vote if you can!

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  1. I am a friend and I am voting!!

    Have a great time and do not run off with Tim.

  2. Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...oh sorry...

    Can you vote more than once? I already voted.

    P.S. Tim McGraw, yum. Bon Jovi in Chicago this weekend - sadly not going. :(

  3. I second Maria's question! Have a safe trip home!

  4. I really have gotten to know you more and do not want to stop hearing about your life once this blog contest is over :)

    So if that is a friend then we are, I did not have access much in the past few days to a computer as my husband was doing an online final.

    Take care and I hope u had a safe trip Laura


  5. You would be #275 in my reader! :o)