Friday, July 30, 2010


You can vote once per day per computer...

Sorry I should have told ya!!

Leavin' on an airplane....

Okay, well truthfully I am writing this on a plane which means we'll
have landed by the time it posts...

A few things to reflect on if you'll humor me :)

1. OMG Tim McGraw tonight!!!

2. I don't think I gave ever wanted to see another human being as much
as I want to see my boyfriend right now - that's gotta mean something.

3. Preggers test ASAP when I get home - odds of me actually being with
child are about as good as you winning this weeks lottery (what you
don't have a ticket, those kind of odds)... But it would sure explain
my moods lately!!

4. You (my readers) are not my friends... And it makes me sad! Okay
okay, stay with me on this one... How many blogs do you read? I have
40 readers , roughly 10 or so are avid commentors, but really how many
blogs do you read?? Personally I read like 10 religiously and
depending on the title of the post I have 50+ blogs that I could
read... But ultimately the owners of these blogs don't have rime to be
friends with every person that reads their blog.

For example, I was bored one day and starting blog hopping... Some
blog somewhere {I don't remember it} had a button with the face of an
ADORABLE little (toddler) girl and the wording "Friends of Maddie" ...
So of course I clicked it and spent the next hour or two bawling my
eyes out (and I may or may not have been at work haha! On lunch break
of course) ... The point is I felt a connection with that family and
wanted more... Well Maddie's mom had another blog (google: the sphors
are multiplying) which I devoured... Litterally read every post...
Well that particular blogger writes in a style that genuinely makes
you feel like you are part of her life... But you're not...

So, when this treadmill competition came along and voting started I
was like all my 'friends' will help me... I'll ask XYZ blog to promote
me!! Ummm no... Because while I have become fond of them and their
blog, they don't know me from Eve.... And certianly not to the point
where they would ask their readers to help... And that's not a bad
thing, it's just something I didn't want to accept... And to tell you
the truth, I didn't really ask anyone to help in that way, because
after thinking about it I realized what I just posted and wrote this

I LOVE my readers and everyone that stops by... I'd love to be your
friend, I feel like I am, but I guess it depends on both parties
feeling that way right?

Anyways, here is my shameless beg for help: if you have a computer can
you vote for me? And if you have a blog would you mind putting the
word out for me? Us little bloggers gotta stick together! The nice
thing about asking you via my blog is there is no akward "uhhh yea I'd
rather not..." or "umm we aren't really that close"


Anyways - back to weightloss chat starting tomorrow... I'm excited to
see my scale! Hope I didn't gain more than 5lbs!!

Wish me luck!
Vote if you can!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Man!! I could WIN a Treadmill!!

But I am going to need your love and support!

That's right... I think I got roughly 100 complete strangers to vote for me... talk about random acts of kindness... I am seriously impressed!

So yea: I got nominated to win a treadmill.... all fat jokes aside can you help me out by clicking a few links to vote for me?

And my Twitter ID is @SeeLauraRun which is the first option to vote for!

I am super excited and appreciate any help I can get {like reposting on your blog? hehe!}!

Thanks Guys!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I am tired, cranky and depressed... I am craving a large bowl of
strawberry ice cream even though I loath the stuff!!

How odd is that?

My boyfriend jokes that my 'cravings' are an early indicator of

Have you ever miscarried before? I wonder if you could be pregnant and
miscarry without ever knowing it... I often imagine that it has
happened to me but have no evidence to back up my theories...

I really am tired and depressed... I am out of town (business trip to
AZ... Making chips!) so I have no scale with which to weigh myself but
I imagine not much has changed...

My boyfriends sisters are in town this week (yes while I am away) and
I am so mad at them I could just spit... Too many reasons to list via
email-post-on-my-phone but the main/biggest reason I am upset with
them is that he and I tried REALLY hard to welcome them and include
them in activities while they were in UT but their inability to plan
left everything to the last minute and all our plans fell through....
Specifically we invited them to the Tim McGraw concert and when they
blew us off we decided to splurge and spend our budget on reserved
seating rather than lawn seating.... Well guess who decided to get
lawn tickets after all? FML!

Everyone I have told this story to is like "don't worry about them,
you did everything you could.... Blah blah blah..."

Yea well, that doesn't make me FEEL any better.... At all....

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Testing... Testing... Testing 123

Haha! Man I hope this works! So I am on my job site in Arizona
watching an endless sea of chips rushing by me... I don't have great
Internet service so I am hoping that my email-posting feature is set
up properly...

If it is, here is an update ... I know it's been a while!

Wednesday: I biked {upright} 8.5 miles in 28:36 which is a 3:21 mph
pace (I think) so not bad!

Thursday: caught a flight @ 9am to Arizona... Ate 2 salads and a
grande-skinny-iced-chai... And had one peanut butter cookie... Which
is great eating for being on the road... No exercise but plently of
standing and walking around the plant....

Today: OMG I am sooooo bored!!! Maybe we will drive to Tuscon while we
are here.... Most of the work starts Monday... Oh, and I don't have a
scale to weigh in this week... Grrr... But I haven't been doing so hot
lately anyways, so it's not like I was looking forward to weighing in...

My diet starts first thing Monday august 2nd and I will be spending
the weekend preparing!!! For now I will use company policy to refrain
from eating all the tasty chips passing by...

Please leave me comments! I am super bored and would love some

<3 Laura

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I SO did too go to the gym!!

I like to break things into short and long versions for my readers because I feel like some of you might like things short and sweet... personally, if I find a blog that I enjoy I like the 'long' version of the story, so I'm offering both.... Short version is @ the end so scroll away!

Long Version:

One of the unexpected benefits of joining the gym that all my co-workers go to is the opportunity to ladder climb! Yay!! The structure of my company is odd... really odd... I have 4 bosses!! and who has the most authority changes on a weekly basis...

For the most part, I have 1 main boss... I drew a picture to illustrate.... check out my sweet paint skills:Since it's my picture, I get to be the pink square!... My main boss is G ... All my bosses are Junior Partners in my company, but J manages the office so I guess technically he has the most authority... There is one full partner in our Cali office and 5 others in our Mass office... but no other juniors.... Well, my main boss G gives me 90% of my work... but when things get slow for him, OR busy for the others then I get the opportunity to work for J, T and L. This is a GOOD thing since 15%+ of my salary is a 'end of year bonus' that all four of these bosses have input on. So it is important that each boss has a high opinion of me.

G is in the bag... and I chase after little things for T all the time.... J and L are much harder... but G got a BIG... I mean HUGE project {we are talking biggest account on the company books} to design, so the ones he was working on with me got 'dumped' on J ... weird right? Well J and G have different management styles so working with J has been tough and one of the main stressors on me this last week... but so far so good!

Than just leaves L... and man is he a tough cookie! L creates ememys wherever he goes... he likes making people do 10x the work in half the time... on time for him is a week early.... plus he is always out of the office!!! Well, I had the opportunity to save his ass! Seriously, I got him out of DEEP water! I used my super sweet excel skills to prove that we were meeting our contractual obligations to a client which let him wrap up a project months in advance.... and then I left before I had any chance to change his opinion of me.... Well, now that his project is wrapped up he gets to spend a day or two a week in the office... and guess what?

Short Version: L {one of my bosses} is part of the group of guys that all go to the gym @ lunch... and he thinks I am super cool for joining... He reallllly values health and taking care of ones self... plus he thinks that it is better for the company overall... Today he stopped by and asked why I skipped the gym... Excuse me? I beat all the boys to the gym, him included, because they were in a meeting! HA! take that! hehe

BTW why is running SO hard? I stink at it... and apparently running occurs at 5-6.5mph NOT 4.5mph... whateverrrrr

Monday, July 19, 2010

Did I Mention the Sunburn?

On top of the awful week I just finished up, I am pretty sure that I forgot to mention that my Wonderful Boyfriend and I got crazy sunburns during our garage sale....

Apparently this last weekend was the hottest we've had so far in UT and we mostly forgot sunscreen.... I mean, I remembered about half way into the day, so my arms and face just got a little color.... but there is one part of my body that did not get any sunscreen and holy OMG batman it HURTS!! Any guesses as to where? Boyfriend didn't wear any sunscreen and spent the day mostly in the shade... he doesn't have red hair so he thinks he is tougher than the suns rays, but man are his legs burnt!!!

Went to the gym @ lunch... was REALLLLLLLY not feeling it.... I feel very blah and depressed... but I went...

Did the upright bike ... 8.5 miles in 29:45 which would put me at roughly 35 minutes to complete a 10 mile ride.... YAY! not bad! Had to stop early to shower and hurry back to work!

I am currently beyond stressed.... just got a call from my client and looks like one piece of equipment will not be arriving until AFTER our service-to-sales date so looks like I am going to have a TON of work to do with rescheduling etc.

I am NOT happy! But I am SUPER glad that I already got my workout in, because these are the kind of days that keep me from post-work-work-outs....

Be Safe In the Sun Guys!!! Burns Hurt!~

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Night Recap

Short version: My weight is 177.0lbs which is a small gain from last week... blah! I am stuck! but I would rather be stuck than constantly gaining...

Long Version:

My life is full of DRAMA! let's start at the beginning...

So I forgot to take a few birth control pills early this week which resulted in me getting my period about 3 weeks earlier than I'd like... heck who 'likes' that time of the month! not me! that is why I opted for the that time of the quarter BC pills... but my bad for forgetting...

Thursday I put in 12 hours at my work.... I realllly don't feel like explaining the reasons but it has been very stressful!

Our TV broke (it is a 50" projection Samsung we bought for $300 last year off so we had to take it 40+ miles away to Orem to the only store in UT certified to fix the TV... that cost $290 which I couldn't charge to my Amex for the points.... something about the color wheel was broke.... IDK the tv had a fine picture but it was sooooo loud I thought the fan was broke.... but yea, had to do that Friday... But it is fixed and quieter than the day we got it so that has to count for something.... and we couldn't have bought it new for $600 so we are still doing good on that over all....

The trip to the TV repair shop rolled my car miles over to the point where I need to have my oil changed!!

We had a garage sale with my aunt on Saturday... her Sh*tty neighbors took our signs and ripped off the address and then added arrows to point to their sale instead of ours!! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?

And my aunt and wonderful boyfriend were under the impression that we needed to hold our sale from 8am to 6pm!!! are you kidding me????? I wanted to be done at 2.... but guess who won? We made $260.... which almost covers the cost of the unexpected TV melt down... :(

And I have a work trip to leave for Thursdy and I will get back the day of the concert... so that is 8 days of 12+ hours of work to look forward to.... I will be going to Arizona where it is suppose to be 110+ degrees on a cold day... that combined with my hours will likely mean crappy food and no exercise....

Oh and while I am gone my wonderful boyfriends mom and sisters will be in town... long story short I am glad I won't be here! I love his family, don't get me wrong, but sometimes their inability to plan comes off as a lack of respect or care for him and I.... so I would rather be of the mind set "They Can't Beat Me If I Don't Play..." because honestly their inconsiderate nature, while unintentional, hurts like hell!!!

I am EXHAUSTED and did not expect a loss this week or really next week either, but I guess I will keep chugging along and plan my super awesome diet to start 8/3 ....

regardless of the Win, Lose or Blog competition ending next month I will still be working towards my overall goals, even if I am not losing big right now {like I had hoped}

*Praying that my diet slims me down when I get back... where the heck did this year go???

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks ... and... Thanks

Thanks for reading guys... and for tweeting (those of you who could) i really appreciate all the support especially from my random stranger new friends...

And... thank you to my readers and WLorB for keeping me motivated... I have not been the best at eating right... no crazy splurges or anything, just a spoon and a jar of peanut butter... mmmm...

BUT I did go swimming today! YAY me!.... Did like 8 laps in less than 20 minutes... but I really was not feeling at all like going to the gym today.... but knowing that I have people expecting me to do better for myself pushed me to get into the pool... and after that it was all down hill!!

Thanks guys!!!

Oh, and a question:

Do you ever not feel safe? Maybe, irrationally, but still....?
I will probably explain more later... probably

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do You Tweet?

...Ummm .... No, I dont! And I never will thank you very much... unless someone is offering a free treadmill and only people who tweet can win.... then yea I guess I will get a Twitter account...

Do you tweet? Would you mind tweeting :

I nominate @SeeLauraRun 2 win a FREE treadmill from @SmoothFitness. She is totally deserving, #mamavation

: for me?... Mamavation is giving away a treadmill and the only way to win is if your friends nominate you via twitter... so here is to hoping some of you guys will nominate me! Literally you can copy paste the bolded phrase above....

If any of you are interested in being nominated lemme know... since I can tweet now haha!

Oh... and I went to the gym again today! Man the treadmill kicks my ass {this is why i need my own!... practice!}... I did 2 miles in 29:35 which beats yesterday!! And Man am I SORE!!! oh it hurts so good!

Monday, July 12, 2010

{That's Our Kinda Love} and The Mormon Diet

Oh.... Tim McGraw! How old is he? Old I think.... but he is still a hunk [minus the chest hair, not really doing it for me]!! My wonderful boyfriend and I decided what the hey! An we bought tickets to see Tim and Lady A July 30th! I am BEYOND excited!

The last (and only) concert I went to was Nickleback with Stained and Chris Daughtry.... Took my mom and little sis 2 or 3 years ago... it was EPIC!

*I Miss My Mom*

Anyways, when we saw Nickleback we had lawn seats... which kinda sucks... too many CRAZY people, not enough space!... But the fact that: it was 3 artists whom I believe have 9 good songs for every 1 bad song: really made it worth the time...

Which is why I am super psyched for this concert... I love Tim McGraw... of all the country singers I would want to see in concert he is literally at the top of the list! And then we found out that his opening act is Lady A??Talk about sealing the deal... we are soooooo going!!! Lady A is hot right now... I dont think they have a single song I don't like :) and This time we have reserved seats {twice the cost of lawn seats! ouch!}

Oh and i told my wonderful boyfriend that I feel like we are on the latest and greatest diet...

The Mormon Diet!

It is real simple... all you have to do is live in Utah where all the good restaurants are closed on Sunday! It is tough to blow your diet when all the ice cream shops aren't open! Seriously though, My boyfriend and I have noticed that a ton of stuff is closed on his only real day off, Sunday... Kinda stinks, but it keeps us from over indulging!

And.... I just got back from the gym! yay me! 2 miles Ran{14mins 20 secs}/Walked {16mins} 2 min intervals as best I could... which is a slow as molasses speed for 'running' but gotta do what you can and be happy with it! Today was supposed to be an off day according to SHAPE but since I took yesterday off [drama] I moved the workout to today to make it up! I think tomorrow is a treadmill day again... meh...

Oh! and my new favorite workout song is "Grease Lightning"... yes! the one that John Travolta sings... just listen to the beat & lyrics... incase you were looking for something to mix up your playlist!

That is all.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Weigh In


I went from last week's 178.4lbs to 176.8 ... a loss of 1.6lbs! YAY! Last week I had gained a pound from 177.4 up to 178.4 so over the last 2 weeks I am down just a little over half a pound... but a loss is a loss ya know?!

Yesterday I went over to the gym and rode the recumbent bike 12miles in 46mins and 45secs...
SHAPE said it was a 1 hour bike ride day but I really did not feel like doing a full hour! On my way in I saw posters for this race where you have to bike 10 miles, run 3 miles and swim 350yards.... so I decided to see how long it would take me to bike 10 miles.... in all fairness I should have been on an upright bike... I will have to try timing again on the right bike, but I did the 10 miles in 38:08 which I was really proud of... I decided to do another 2 miles at a slower pace to get some extra time in.... it was really easy to get through this time... i think it was because I was focused on the distance not the time... I mean, I was trying to get through the 10 miles fast, but focusing on how far I had gone and now how long I had been riding made things breeze by...

Overall I feel really great... I still am not a huge fan of exercising.... but I feel better about my body in general...

And I think I lost another 1/2 inch off my waist... down to 31.5 inches... I will post updates on my measurements next weekend!

Thanks for reading guys!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just keep swimming.... Just keep swimming...

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

Yep! I went swimming today.... in this pool here:

It's in the very expensive gym that i wanted to join a while back... I have like 15 pre-paid visits, so I decided i could cash one in to go for a swim... I honestly CANNOT believe that I actually went... I thought I would be getting off at 2:30pm today, but I forgot that since Monday was a holiday we only get to leave at 3:00pm... lame... I had planned on rushing to the pool, getting my swim in {Swim day according to SHAPE}, rushing home to spend 'us' time with my boyfriend before he went to work and then maybe going shopping for some quick deals...

Well, since I did not get off at 2:30pm I decided to just go home to see the boy... I thought that i would skip the gym and maybe just play with my Wii Fit... So I had some 'us' time with my boy and packed him a lunch (so as to avoid him eating at the BK) and he reminded me that I promised to drop off his medical forms for his doctor to fill out (something about family medical leave... idk, but his work required it because he was too sick to work 6/27-6/30)...

So I drove to Rite Aid... got some sweet deals and then drove to the doctor... when I was there they told me that since they were just a clinic they did not have to fill out the forms... aprox. WFT?!? the doctor that saw my boyfriend was on duty and he was refusing to fill out the form! I am beyond pissed! Who the heck else is going to fill it out? And he HAS to have it filled out to get his leave approved to not get in trouble (read: FIRED) at work... But Rite Aid and the Doctor are right next to the gym and since I packed my swim bag and had it in the car (GO ME!!) i stopped by for a swim...

I cannot believe I got in my swimsuit and actually let people see me! Yikes! but i felt really good, even though I swam like a drowning victim... I swim like a rock... hahahaha! But I did 8 laps (16 one-ways) and then got the heck out of dodge!

I smell like pool!!!
It's great!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 POUNDS of Popcorn?!?

So a brief update to start.... YES! I went to the gym... did 38minutes on the bike... not because I couldn't go longer, but I was running short on time and my co-workers were leaving... I did hit a wall at about 20 minutes but i pushed past it! YAY!

As for the title... Yes! I bought 8 pounds of pop corn... weird thing is, if you ate the entire jug it would only be about 3 pounds worth of calories... What happens to the other 5 pounds?!

I find air popping my own pop corn to be fun, exciting and surprisingly delicious! and it is super low cal for the volume of food you get to eat....

Also, today is day 3 of not drinking soda! wahoo! I am not aiming for any specific number of days, but I had noticed that the more often I drank my diet soda the more I wanted it.... and I also craved sweets, but was never really satisfied by whatever 'sweet' thing I chose to calm the craving... I will probably have some tomorrow... but the good news is I have been drinking water like crazy... probably too much... does anyone know how much water is too much?

{side note: I have had blood work done to test for diabetes (in the past - maybe a year ago was my most recent test) and they always come ack negative.... healthy as a horse actually, except the extra weight}

I {Hate} Exercise

There! I said it!
I hate exercise... hate it... I dunno...
Pretty lame huh?

*ps: I loved that this pict came up when I google Image searched for "GYM"

Well, I went to the gym yesterday, despite my now obvious hate for exercise... but yes, I went...

About 3.. 4.. i dunno 5 months ago I ripped a page out of a copy of SHAPE magazine... it had a monthly calender on it that listed what exercises they thought you should do that day... Why did I rip it out? Well, first - it was MY magazine... I do what I want! And second - it was designed to train you for a triathlon. So each day you either swim, run or bike....

Now I realllllly am not the kind of person you'll see in a race anytime soon. I dont even own a bike! But I was getting pretty worn out of only using the elliptical when I went to the gym... in fact, the elliptical helped me lose a lot of weight... and at one point I was up to using it for 60mins a session with 5 sessions a week... talk about your fast course for a burn out!

So I figured that this triathlon training would help me mix things up exercise wise... welllll apparently not because i am just now getting around to using it! But better late than never... right?
So yesterday I 'Ran' for 30 minutes... which actually was more like a fast walk for 4 minutes and running for 1 minute.... so maybe I ran for 5 minutes total, but I did 1.75miles in 30 minutes... not bad... The SHAPE calender called for 20 minutes of jogging/Running so I hope 30 minutes of walk/run counts... oh well i guess...

Today is suppose to be 40mins of biking... but conveniently i forgot my gym bag at home... I hate exercising SOOOO much that I asked my wonderful boyfriend to bring it to my office... yep! I am one lucky girl to have such a supportive man in my life... so in roughly 2 hours I will be biking my way to 40 minutes!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Impulse Buy?


I am SUPER exhausted... ever have one of those days? yea well I am having one of those months!

I decided that I am going to have to hit the gym [or do some form of cardio] in order to get my scale moving again... Before I started this challenge, I was just controlling my diet to lose weight... which DOES work... anyone can lose weight by just watching what you eat.. BUT you will not lose as fast... and once your body adjusts to your new ways of eating then you'll be forced to mix it up...

So that is where I am... I have to mix it up... my low calorie and semi-carb-phobic diet is just not going to cut it alone anymore! I posted before about joining a gym that costs roughly $300/year ($375 if I get a couples membership)... but i have to face it, my boyfriend is NOT going to the gym with me... he works 5 x 12hr shifts minimum per week and doesn't have the time. Plus, skinny-with-out-trying runs in his family (PLEASE GOD LET OUR KIDS GET THOSE GENES!!) so he doesn't really need to... sure he would tone up and just be that much more sexy... but he REALLY does not need to go, and honestly does not have the time...

So I am alone... *so sad*

Well, back in March I was going 2-3 times per week for 30mins with my -grandmother- of all people! She has lost a ton of weight (not that she -needed- to) by doing the elliptical which is good for her knees... I got sent on a month long assignment out of state and when I came back I just never started going again... plus, to go with her means hitting up the gym at 5:30pm every night for only 30mins and I never feel like going... and I have to drive against traffic to get to her gym... and it costs $4/visit .... blah blah blah... excuses I know...

So my solution?

Well there are a few guys in my office that walk like 3 blocks from our office to a local gym @ lunch... Planet Fitness....

It is really inexpensive, I'm talkin' $10/month and $40/year in other fees... so for less than the cost of 4 visits to my gma's gym I can go to this one on my lunch break... AND it is kind of a win-win scenario in that I will actually be taking my lunch! My employer insists that everyone works 8am-5pm which is 9hours... 1 hour for lunch of course... but no one ever takes an hour to go to lunch! so you end up 'donating' an hour of your time since the start and end times are not flexible really.... so this way I will not be exhausted by the time I have to go to the gym, I will use my lunch break for ME and I will have gym 'buddies' to encourage me to go...

And you can cancel without penalty anytime... blah blah... very loose and inexpensive contract...

I am excited!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Winner... Winner...

So I know I have left you guys hanging.... sorry about that!

Okay first order of business... Who Did I Lie To?

Some people did guess it correctly... after I gave a hint... Not sure if the hint really helped or not, but yea... I kinda lied to the chick at the DMV.... I had to get my Alaskan Drivers license switched to a Utah Drivers licence... She was just so judgmental... and I was mad at myself for gaining so much weight. I think I was about 200lbs... up from 160ish... I was trading my Alaska license which said I weighed 167lbs for a Utah license that would say I weighed 200lbs? I DONT THINK SO! So I lied... 178lbs was acceptable I guess....

So this week I guess they aren't posting results... but yea I will fess up... yesterday I hopped on the scale and weighed 178.4lbs...

gained a pound.... big whoop.... I knew it was not going to be a big loss week... and I will try harder this week!

Oh and my wonderful boyfriend and I bought a Wii yesterday... and I am super excited to try out my new Wii Fit.... if anyone is looking to get a Wii Fit it is $100 @ Toys R Us BUT you can use a 20% off coupon which is probably the best deal you'll find on it....

Oh, and we have winners to announce!

#9 - Greenmountianwife who said:"I already know who you lied to, so I won't post it and spoil the fun. But congrats on no longer being a liar!! :)"

#8 - Jeannette who said: "I follow all the other girls. :0) Y'all are doing great things! Today I commented on Nikki's blog."

You guys have 48hours (12pm 7/7) to contact me with your mailing address so I can send you your $5 Subway Gift Card!!

Thanks everyone!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Are You Looking For?

I hope no one is reading along with Win Lose or Blog because they think we bloggers can do no wrong.... that we always make healthy choices and are super-duper motivated to exercise and lose weight...

Yea, I'm excited to be losing weight... and I love that there are like 20 people following along to push me back on the right track... but I am not perfect... and I make a lot of choices that I'd never want people to copy...

I really don't have the best relationship with food to be honest... I am SCARED of carbs... I did Atkins back in High School and ever since I remain leery of carbs and their super-human ability to plump-me-up!

I also developed some bulimic tendencies in college... gross right? It is weird how the mind works... I seriously think of it as an easy way to 'reverse' a mistake or diet slip up... which in reality it really isn't *easy* and is extremely unhealthy...

Since graduating from college i have battled urges/compulsions to revert back to old ways... and to be honest, I do not always win the battle... but I am trying... really!

Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend and I bought new bedroom furniture and spent all day away from home... my safe place with all my diet foods... we ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant and rather than order a salad I ate my favorite meal and mindfully enjoyed it...

To add insult to injury, I was seriously craving ice cream, so we made a stop at Orange Leaf - a self-serve frozen yogurt store where i made up an 11oz bowl of deliciousness and my wonderful boyfriend and I sat down and enjoyed our food and each other's company....

Did I have bulimic urges.... yea a little bit... but I chose to purposely step off the 'diet path' for the night and that these were things I WANTED to eat... plus I did not feel like I had *over* indulged so I battled my urges and won... We really had a great night...

And this morning? the scale read 177.4lbs ... no damage done... so why did I even waste the time worrying over it?

Treats really ARE okay... when they remain treats and not everyday food choices...

Oh! and if anyone would like an additional entry for the Subway GC Giveaway you can take another guess at 'who I lied to'... just leave another comment on that thread... hint: I had never met the person before.