Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do You Tweet?

...Ummm .... No, I dont! And I never will thank you very much... unless someone is offering a free treadmill and only people who tweet can win.... then yea I guess I will get a Twitter account...

Do you tweet? Would you mind tweeting :

I nominate @SeeLauraRun 2 win a FREE treadmill from @SmoothFitness. She is totally deserving, http://bit.ly/a5JZgl #mamavation

: for me?... Mamavation is giving away a treadmill and the only way to win is if your friends nominate you via twitter... so here is to hoping some of you guys will nominate me! Literally you can copy paste the bolded phrase above....

If any of you are interested in being nominated lemme know... since I can tweet now haha!

Oh... and I went to the gym again today! Man the treadmill kicks my ass {this is why i need my own!... practice!}... I did 2 miles in 29:35 which beats yesterday!! And Man am I SORE!!! oh it hurts so good!


  1. LOL that is too funny! I was just thinking about that last night. I would love to nominate you. Could you put my name in? It's TheCraftyHippo.

  2. Before making it past the first paragraph Iwas getting ready to type out, "Actually Laura you can win a treadmill on Twitter." But you already know that. I will head over and nominate you.

    P.S. While you are there make sure you follow winloseorblog ;-)

  3. good luck! I tweeted for you! And I only tweet to enter contests too LOL!

  4. Ok Laura, you got another tweet!

    Good luck on this treadmill, when do you find out who wins?


  5. I tweeted and told all my twitter friends to tweet for you too!

  6. done and done :)

    (my verification word: TopHo. Damn straight)

  7. I'm not a twitterer - I havent figured out why I'd want to yet so i cant help on the contest.

    I came via Jack's WIDTH post (I was one of the WIDTHs from his last such post)

    Hope you win!

  8. @Sarah - Thanks for stopping by!!! No worries about the tweeting thing... i just got my account yesterday! insane right? I dont know what im doing... other than trying to win a treadmill... up to 36 nominations! woot! & Thanks

  9. Good luck... I tweeted too! :-)

  10. Hi there. Thanks for the email earlier -- I have tweeted for you and am now following your blog.