Monday, November 8, 2010

Crazzzzy Monday!


So I am not feeling too great this Monday... Woke up with a sore throat... Anyone know the calorie content of mucus? Cuz I've probably ingested enough to fill my daily calorie requirement... okay okay... I feel less than great :(

Anyways, decided to skip the gym this morning since I wasn't feelin like pushing my body when I wasn't at least 80%... So at lunch I ran an errand - hit Rite Aid for some sugar free Werthers and some peanuts (BOGO!) for my boss... then I ran over to Subway for some diet coke (i know i know... booo soda... w/e)... and I saw this guy that looked oddly familiar as I was walking out... he wasn't facing me so I decided I had to sneak a view of his face just to satisfy my curiousity... Well I did know him! He was my Mass Transfer professor in college... did I mention my school was in New York and I live in Utah now? Yea... WTF was he doing in Utah! Apparently SLC is hosting the Chemical Engineering Society's Annual Conference.... Who knew!!! {I'm a Chemical Engineer!}

Anywho... he gave me an invite to a reception Tues&Wens night... I am psyched beyond belief....

Anyways.. I had a crap-tastic weekend... Saturday boyfriend and I went to a 'Diamond Event' at Fred Meyer jewelers that we had been planning on attending for 3 weeks... I want a Marquise solitare which is basically impossible to find... well, okay, there just is little to no selection... so we told our sales guy what we wanted and made the appointment. They were suppose to tell the show vendor to bring stones in our size/price range... but as I am currently ring-less I will tell you that they were completely unprepared and had literally NOTHING to show us... I cried...a lot...

Boyfriend WILL NOT propose without the ring... which is driving me nuts... we are technically engaged but not really... it's this odd, ringless, limbo ...

Then, as I was headed home from that disappointment our realtor called to tell me that of the 5 houses we were planning on seeing Sunday, only 1 was willing to schedule an appointment on a Sunday... I HATE UTAH!!! GRRR!... and I am slightly mad at the Realtor for waiting until Sat @5pm to tell me... but whatever we re-scheduled for tonight... So I guess I will be missing Mamavation TV {bummer!!!}

So Saturday night I made this beautiful cake for my grandma's birthday (Sunday night):

It was TOTALLY awesome! Take 2 white cake mixes - divide into 6 bowls - use gel icing coloring to make a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple cake (~15mins cook time)... layer with the icing of your choice and wait for people to be suprised~!

And, even though I indulged in this delicious cake I still managed to lose a pound this week!

Yay Mamavation! Yay Me!

By the way... we have the best sponsors! I love subway! But I get totally beyond giddy when Earth Footwear hosts! I seriously want some of those shows... and Since I will probably not win, eventually I am going to break down and buy a pair... now I just have to figure out which ones I want! SO MANY CHOICES!!! OMG! Check out Earth Footwear if you haven't heard of them yet! You know you want a pair!!

Anyways... if you're leaving a comment - THANKS - I'd love some ring advice!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mondays are my Fave!


Monday Again? Jeeze last week FLEW by!

I had a super busy work week and only made it to the gym twice and I could totally tell today. I barely cranked out 2 miles in 30 minutes and I feel it! Let’s just hope I need to eat more carbs, and I’m not feeling sick because I am pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong… I love babies… but Andrew and I just qualified for a mortgage so that’s where our goals are going to be focused. Insane right? A House?!? It’s a HUGE step for me and I have been stressing major over it! We are meeting with the realtor in an hour or so for the first time. We’ve pretty much seen everything on the net so here goes real house touring! YIKES!

Anyways… I have to say that this week water was KEY… And Almonds for snacking!

Last week I was at 167.4lbs and today the scale said 162.4lbs! I lost 4.8lbs?!

Sorry if I miss TV tonight, we have a lot of house stuff to talk about. But I want to make sure to say thanks to Jared & Subway for hosting once again. They are truly awesome. This week they’re giving away some pretty hot sports gear… like Michael Phelps Goggles?! How awesome would that be to win? Ya… you should check it out!