Monday, December 20, 2010


So it has been like FOREVER since I last blogged...

Well, to be honest - I mostly only have time to blog during the down times at work... and there just haven't been any lately. I design food factories and right now my biggest project is for a 'health' food plant which is gearing up for the first quarter rush... And SO MUCH has to be done in the next month or two... it is insane...

So... this morning I weighed in at 172lbs ... which was better than I thought - like really I feel squishy and really did not want to be upset with myself this morning... but I stepped on anyways and it wasn't so bad. I am not reaching my goals but I am super excited for the New Year and all the motivation people will have... it is a very exciting time! Not sure what my plan of action is yet, but I will be hoping back on the wagon for sure.

Anyways, Since I last blogged - other than being supper busy with work my life has be super hectic too!

Lets see, we:

*Put an offer in on a house before thanksgiving...

*Boyfriend and I drove 12hours to Redding, CA in a snow storm for thanksgiving with his family...

*We found out that the sellers of our house were not going to budge on the house price = no home for us.

*We got engaged! Nov 23rd! (The ring BTW was a great 'deal' and exactly what I wanted - for those of you who gave advice via twitter when I was freaking out about the ring)

* We came back to Utah - Saw 5 more houses - Fell in love with one and put in another offer

*Got 3rd party approval in less than a week - We will be closing the first week +/- of January

So we are super excited to be moving out of our apartment into our first home... There are a ton of benefits like:

~No elementary school in our backyard (Boyfriend is a daysleeper - so screaming kids = bad)

~You can't hear kitchen noises in the master bedroom (Aka Boyfriend can now do dishes while I sleep)
~We have a basement family room!! (now boyfriend doesn't have to pause the TV when the AC/Heating comes on because he cant have the volume very high when I sleep)

<--New Home for the Beast

~We have a basement family room!! (I know - again - but now we can actually USE our beasty @SmoothFitness treadmill! I am so psyched! Right now we can't use it very often because it is SUPER loud for the neighbors below us)

~We have a 2 car garage AND RV parking! (now boyfriend can fix his own car! and both our cars can be protected from the elements as opposed to our current 1 spot under a car port)

So I am sure that there are a ton of downsides to home owning ~ so don't rain on my parade today... I don't want to hear them :) Maybe later...

Thanks for stopping by! I will be trying to read through the Mamavation posts and stopping by my 'regulars' hehe...

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