Monday, March 21, 2011

Apply for SEASON 4!!!

We are now accepting applications (here) for Season four contestents on Win, Lose, or Blog! Win, Lose, or Blog is a Big Loser inspired weight loss challenge for the blogging world. Health & Fitness are my passions in life and I hope this competition will inspire others to lead healthier lifes too! I have been working with five fabulous ladies to create this fun and exciting new blog. Jill from Women Who Do It All, Laura of Skinny Pants Dreams, Lindsey of Fitness For The Rest of Us, and Allison from House of Hepworths.

What does Win, Lose, or Blog have to offer you?
Want to be a contestant? Apply here.
Each season of the challenge (lasting 7 weeks) we will choose eight contestants. This is your chance to win some MAJOR prizes! The "big loser" (based on percentage of body weight lost) will win one big AWESOME prize. Second and third place contestants will also win some great prizes. And everyone else will get something just for participating.

Just want to follow along?
We have multiple health and fitness gurus on our team who are going to be posting information, recipes, tips, inspiration and more. So come follow and get a little help living a healthier lifestyle. Also, at the end of each season two followers will win awesome prizes just for leaving comments throughout the season. And you know it will be fun to watch the competition play out and cheer on the contestants :)

Go check it out!!! And spread the word!
Remember each comment you leave all season long counts as an entry for two great prizes! Want to get a head start on those comments? Head on over to Win, Lose, or Blog, grab our button, and leave three comments for displaying our button on your blog and five comments for writing an exciting post announcing us to your blog friends. We want you to invite others to join the the fun and gain some motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Right Direction

So I am getting a head start on my Monday post.... seeing as how Monday always trys to sneak up on me and before I know it the day is over and I haven't posted... it's lame... but life has been busy lately!

I've done a really good job of watching what I eat this week... pretty much removed sugar and flour from my diet... just been eating lots of lean protien, salads and fruit... and planning what I eat... rather than just snacking on whatever food is available, or eating something because it is free... etc

I realized this week that I eat A LOT when I am bored or stressed... usually when I get home from work I am so tired... so I make something quick like kettle corn (1/4c oil, 1/4c sugar, 1/2c seeds) and sit around watching some show on netflix with no commercials and no end in site...

And now that I am watching what I eat, but still watching my shows, I notice how much I crave *something* while I am watching... it is insane how STRONG the urge to eat something - anything while I watch.... I am going to have to have to find a solution... but, no worries...

This week I lost 4lbs!!... I feel like I am on the right path... and In another few weeks I will be at a happier weight and a few weeks more maybe at a new all-time low weight... That's what I am hoping... and maybe after Easter I will switch to a low-carb diet... I do really well on the Atkins... so we will see...

One week at a time!!

Also - a reminder - Win, Lose or Blog is still accepting applications for our 4th season which begins on April 1st.... If you like to blog and need to lose weight you should totally check it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Table for One....

I hate eating along...

Why does it have to be soooooo awkward?!

I just got back from lunch,... it was weird! I prefer being in our office and just eating whatever I have packed for that day... but today I was on-site with my wonderful & supportive clients *cough* getting some items done and all of a sudden I was starving!!

So I texted so co-workers and found out that they had already left for a restaurant called "Bajio's"... If you are unfamiliar with them, they are one of like 4 chain stores here in Utah that do Mexican food "Subway Style"... aka you pick the entree (taco, burritto, salad...etc), then the type of meat and all the other fixings you want and they 'cook' it up for you... well...

#1 - I am a picky eater, and...
#2 - I'm sort of on a diet and really just wanted a salad...

Oh, and don't judge my co-workers for leaving without me... we usually split into 2 groups and sometimes it just gets confusing who is going with what group...

Anyways, I decided that I REALLY do not like the meat options at Bajio's... they 'chunk' their meat rather than shredding it and well it grosses me out (see #1)...

I went to a local Pizza joint instead - they have an "all you can eat" buffet and a salad bar with delicious toppings... okay, pepperoni is not really a salad topping, or at least not the most healthy option, but it is delicious and if it helps me eat an extra cup of lettuce more power to it! Plus fat and protien keep you full longer so win win!

But, the whole eating by myself thing was weird... I pluged in my headphones and watched an episode of Greek on netflix via my IPhone.... but still... weird... I decided I would post about it on my way back... so there.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feelin' Lucky?

"Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity" - Seneca

When it comes to luck, this is my personal outlook... If life has me down, it is very hard to sit around feeling sorry for myself... I have to believe that all the things I do everyday are in preparation for my next big opportunity... If there are things in life that I want {currently a child} I have to believe that if I don't have one now, or soon, that it must be for a reason... Maybe I need more life lessons or time to mature - but I certainly don't feel unlucky or that other people are more lucky than myself...

When I was a senior in high school I had loads of people telling me how "lucky" I was to have gotten a partial scholarship to a school across the country... And yet, it may have been good fortune, but the school doesn't just hand over money... I worked hard through school, volunteered, participated, etc all in preparation for whatever opportunity would cross my path... yes a lot of things lined up to make it happen, but if I hadn't been working hard I wouldn't have gotten far...

And when college was over and the job market was in the toilet... I was SO LUCKY to have gotten a job... not only one that paid decently, but that I actually enjoy doing everyday... Again - Preparation meeting opportunity...

Recently Andrew and I purchased our first home... it took a lot of research and saving every extra dollar to make it happen... but it was what we wanted so we began preparing... When a realtor came cold calling at our apartment door and subsequently sent us an informational postcard advertising that the mortgage rates we at an all time low (which we *knew* since we had been doing so much research), we realized that it was possible for us to begin seriously looking. In November we found *the* house... it was adorable... in a great location, and at a decent price... So we put an offer in and then made the 12 hour journey West to visit family for Thanksgiving... While we were there we got awful news... not only were the owners not going to accept our offer, they wanted us to pay ALL the closing costs and full price... We were bummed... almost so much so that I didn't want to even look at another house...

Well, or realtor convinced us to get back in the game and just *try* then next 5 houses.... and guess what? We found the one we are currently living in now! And for the same price we were able to get a 2 car garage, 2 fireplaces, twice the kitchen space, insane crown molding and tons of typical fixer-upper projects already completed for us... {okay... knock on wood - because I do believe in Jinxes}

I feel lucky every day... but at the same time, I know that I play a huge roll in the successes in my life.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Bookieboo and "Earthies Wants You to Feel Lucky" blogging program, making me eligible to win a pair of Earthies shoes and American Express Gift Cards. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Monday! ~ Plus Season 4 of Win Lose or Blog!


Another Monday!... I had an aweful day at work this morning... basically had this arrogant butt head {Client} tell ME that I was incompetent... but I guess it is okay, because my boss understands the whole situation and thinks that the client is incompetent so i will just try to drown my bad feelings in hugs and kisses from the fiance... and maybe have some sunflower seeds on my salad... take that!

I have a little more control over my weight and although I dont have any official numbers to post I am definately moving in the right direction... hopefully next week I will be able to post an official loss! Woot!

Anyways, there is an Awesome blog called "Win, Lose or Blog" that I help co-write... okay, mostly I just help line up sponsors, but I try to blog as much as I can! Well, WLB is a weight-loss 'competition' blog where we have 6-8 contestants compete to lose the most weight over a 7 week period.... we have loads of prizes for all the contestants.... The season 3 ladies lost over 100lbs during the 7 week period! It was AMAZING! And even if you don't want to compete, you can win prizes just by following and commenting!

We are currently accepting entrants for season 4! It starts April 1st - no foolin'!

If you would like to apply to be a Season Four contestant on Win, Lose, or Blog please fill out the form here.

If you have problems uploading a photo please email them to: Winloseorblog @ gmail . com with your name & "photos" in the subject field.

Thanks for stopping by!