Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Girl Names

It's Monday all over again!

okay, well first thing first... I am NOT pregnant... but I do get paranoid...

I have been super stressed out that if I do not have a baby name ready that God will some how know I am not prepared... Fiance thinks I am crazy but I am really really nervous... So I am reaching out for help!

Here's the deal... Fiance and I have decided that we are not going to learn the sex of our first baby... gender neutral allllll the way... And we have a little boy name picked out that starts with the letter C. I would like to have a girls name that also starts with a C but no name really seems like THE name... ya know?

Anyways I am open to suggestions if you have any... starting with C or not!

Weight loss wise I am a tad pissed... January is the month of Resolutions and Goals... And my job has kept me so busy that not only did I miss January but February is on it's way out the door too! WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE!!!

I am currenly about 10lbs from being happy and 20lbs from being exstatic! Ugh! Frowny Face! Well... I am hoping that I can start waking up early to work out... we will see if that works or not... hmm... well, it should work on the days when Fiance is working... I also need some plan for eating better too... right now I am trying out more cereal... it's pretty low in calories... I also tossed all the sweets that were hanging out in the house.

I hope this works... I hope I hope I hope! 10lbs... just 10...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Posting for the sake of posting

I'm so tired!

I haven't posted in ages... My work schedule has been insane... I'll go to work from 7am to 6pm and be expected to come back from 11pm to 7am the next morning... That's like 19/24 hours!! Just flopping back and forward between days and nights - it's exhausting!

I've been eating crap and drinking soda & sugary coffee to try and keep my energy up... No luck...

Plus I am pretty sure that I have gained like a million pounds... Or 10 +\- and I can tell by how my belly looks and how my pants are falling down all the time (think muffin top... Haha)... I am considering starting the HCG diet - I just need the ability to focus on and control my food intake...

And I think that all the stress over work, our new house and my weight gain is swinging my moods violently... To the point where I am seriously considering taking a day off to visit a psychiatrist and maybe go back on medications... Ugh! I thought I was handling things well ... But everything has just gotten out of hand recently and I know it's upsetting my fiancé and probably my coworkers - and that's not fair...

Anyone else feel like you're mentally walking in cement?