Sunday, February 6, 2011

Posting for the sake of posting

I'm so tired!

I haven't posted in ages... My work schedule has been insane... I'll go to work from 7am to 6pm and be expected to come back from 11pm to 7am the next morning... That's like 19/24 hours!! Just flopping back and forward between days and nights - it's exhausting!

I've been eating crap and drinking soda & sugary coffee to try and keep my energy up... No luck...

Plus I am pretty sure that I have gained like a million pounds... Or 10 +\- and I can tell by how my belly looks and how my pants are falling down all the time (think muffin top... Haha)... I am considering starting the HCG diet - I just need the ability to focus on and control my food intake...

And I think that all the stress over work, our new house and my weight gain is swinging my moods violently... To the point where I am seriously considering taking a day off to visit a psychiatrist and maybe go back on medications... Ugh! I thought I was handling things well ... But everything has just gotten out of hand recently and I know it's upsetting my fiancé and probably my coworkers - and that's not fair...

Anyone else feel like you're mentally walking in cement?


  1. Hi friend! I totally know you how feel!! HUGS

    One day at a time. Let me know if I can help you with anything. HUGS

  2. Really feel for you. Just do the best you can. Maybe drink lots of water to get some of the bad stuff out. Hope you come back to normal life soon. Hugs!

  3. Yes, switching work schedules and flopping nights to days or days to nights can play havoc with your internal time clock. Instead of coffee (which only works to a point... and you can't live on 3 gallons of coffee a day) try slipping away (bathroom, breakroom, etc) and doing a set of jumping jacks to get the blood pumping. When I was a graphic artist and working late on a project, I would set my timer and get up and walk a bit, or jump, ever two hours or as needed.

    *Hugs* You are supported and when life gets less crazy for you, we are all here to cheer you on. I hope your week gets better.

  4. Oh hon, you must be exhausted and yes, exhaustion and stress play huge factors in emotions. I hope you don't have to keep up this schedule for long. We're all here for you to lean on!

  5. oh sweeetie we are here for you! big huugs! reach out to us!

  6. That work schedule would drive me batty with sleep deprivation and eating habits. Big hugs that your work schedule becomes regular so that you can rediscover your focus.

  7. Working swinging shifts was always hard on my husband and he is about to start again too. He had to start packing healthier things to eat and drinking lots and lots of water to avoid the Mt. Dew. It takes a lot of planning.

    Please don't do the HCG diet. Although it might give you quick results, it is like throwing money away. The results don't stick and you can end up needing gallbladder surgery (like my dad). At only 500 calories a day, you'll feel even more worn down that you do now..thats why I couldn't do it, yuck.

  8. I can relate to what you are saying. When life happens sometimes its easy to get off balance. The key is to just keep coming back and finding out what works for you.

    Best wishes to you this week.