Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazon Deal - Cheap Diapers AND More!!

So there is a pretty sweet deal going on at LivingSocial today only!!

You can get a $20 amazon gift card for only $10!!! Half off!!! Plus there are no shipping fees because amazon gift cards are emailed directly to you! And if you are a new member at LivingSocial (new email address) they will give you $5 towards the purchase of a future deal... There are no gimicks or tricks here... Deal sites like this often offer really popular deals like this at half off to increase their membership in hopes that you will shop around and find something else you like - and spend more.... but you don't have to... infact you could never shop there again if you want!

Plus... Amazon has a program called "Amazon Moms" that is for moms and friends of moms which allows their members to get free 2-day shipping on all purchases and 30% off diapers online!!

So check out these deal senarios:

Huggies Snug and Dry - Size 3 - 156 Count - Normal Price: $31.91

Amazon Mom Price: $22.34 - Free 2 Day Shipping
Use the $20 Amazon GC (you paid $10 for)
Your Cost: $12.34 or 8 cents per diaper! Shipped to your door!!


Huggies Natural Care Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refills - 648 wipes - Normal Price: $16.53

Amazon Mom Price: $11.57 - Free 2 Day Shipping
Buy 2 for $23.14
Use the $20 Amazon GC (you paid $10 for)
Your Cost: $13.14 for 1296 wipes! Or about a penny each!! Shipped to your door!

Or Keeping Summer in mind:

Huggies Little Swimmers - Size M (24-34lbs) - 4 x 11 count - Normal Price $69.99 (HAHA! Yea Right!)
Sale Price: $20.00
Use the $20 Amazon GC (you paid $10 for)
Your Cost: $10.00 for 44 Little Swimmers or 23 cents each... Shipped to your door!

A few notes: My deals we done for huggies products because they were the best deals I saw... you can ALWAYS pick a different brand of diapers/wipes etc and still qualify for the Amazom Mom Discount and Free Shipping IF you sign up to be a member....

PLEASE eamil me if you need any help with deal senarios or questions on anything related to setting up your deal! I am here to help!

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