Monday, January 3, 2011

Darkest before the Dawn

Happy New Year everyone!

I love this time of the year… everyone has so much new-found motivation to improve themselves…

I don’t care for people that are Anti-Resolutions … like, I understand that most people are just setting themselves up for failure… but I really like that people are taking the time to reflect on their life and what they’d like to do better…. Most people don’t make goals all year long… for many I am sure that this is their one time a year when they really make goals…

I hate that the gym is going to be packed for the next month or so… it really peeves me… but that’s okay… it won’t last for long… and hopefully some of those people will stick with it.

I was really excited to start a new ‘healthy eating’ plan… and really attack my weight… btw I have gained like 15lbs from my low weight so I need to get my butt in gear… I really just want to cry… a lot… but I won’t… I am going to go running! As for ‘attacking’ my eating… it is going to have to wait until after our move… my life is a mess right now, boxes of crap everywhere… it is very annoying! But I did manage to get 4 boxes of Special K yesterday at Rite Aid… oh and they were free because I am so awesome like that… (weight loss is only one of my hobbys… I am a secret coupon QUEEN… shhhh!)

I am hoping to lose a lot this week… I think with the Special K cereal ‘diet’ and finally getting back to running, I will have made a huge change compared to the last few weeks of cookies, ramen noodles, granola bars like they’re candy, pizza, eating out, drinking calories! And NO exercise… Hopefully getting back on track will be enough for my body to drop some pounds… and then over the next few weeks I will turn up the heat!

Goals for the year:

1. Single Digit Pant Size… like a 9 would be nice… I have never been that small… but I am wearing a 14 right now (yes with a little muffin) … I think I will have to lose about 30lbs before that happens… but right now I am going to focus on the first 5!

2. Donate more… I have awesome coupon skills… I plan on giving some of my freebies to our church…. Right now we don’t give money to the church and I feel a little bad about it… not a ton, because I shouldn’t have to pay to go to church… but still, everyone can give something! So this is what we will be giving…. My coupon talents….

3. Turn our New House into our Home… We should be closing within a week… I am excited and overwhelmed by the whole thing… bills and such aside there are a lot of things I want to do so we can make it ours… I want to start a crafting/décor blog to document our progress…

4. Save for our wedding…. This one is mostly going to be on my fiancé to do… we need to open a joint account and get started! FI gets a $6 raise in a few weeks… so that’s like an extra $200 after taxes per week… so we were thinking that $100/wk would be over $5000 by the end of the year! That plus my bonus should put us at ~$10,000 for the wedding… hopefully that is more than enough for the simple ‘family reunion’ wedding we are planning to have…

Anyways... this week's Mamavation sponsor is @GameStop ... Fiance and I love to get great deals at there stores... wonder what they're giving away!

Good luck this week everyone!


  1. sounds GREAT Laura!!! Very nice resolutions.

  2. You have some very reasonable resolutions! Thanks for the support and comment on my blog! I appreciate your encouragement! Hope you have a great week!!

  3. Love your resolutions! AND if I might add about the donate - I'm a big believer that we can all give to the church (if of course that is part of your life) but it isn't always about money - my church reminds us to give what we can - be it Time, Talent, or Treasure. sounds like sharing your Talent is perfect!

  4. Happy New year Laura, sounds like you have some great goals and congrats on the new home :)

  5. You have been going through a lot - some major things. I'd say, hang on and take it one step at a time. Maybe make a plan of healthy steps that you need to take and take them one a week (or whatever youa re comfortable with). Good Luck with your goals

  6. I think its great that you arent gonna sit and cry! Action is sooo much better!! Good for you!
    Hope to see you on Mamavation TV tonight. The special guests are the mamavation moms [including myself]!

  7. SUPER excited for you and your awesome (and totally doable) goals!!

    Please teach me oh wise one on how to properly use a coupon! :P I could use all the tips and tricks I can get to feed my hungry boys :P

    I too would like (and need) to lose 15 lbs (MORE) ... lets do this!!

    2011 is going to be fit, healthy, active and SKINNY! :P

  8. Those are great plans! And yes 5lbs at a time. I am with you I want to be in single digit pants as well and this year we will rock it out!

  9. Congratulations! It sounds like you have a lot going on right now. I think your goals sound pretty exciting, too. :) One thing I have discovered for breakfast is greek yogurt+apple. It has tons of protein and the apple has fiber. It's yummy and it tastes so good with a little cinnamon on it.

  10. I felt the same as you for the last 2 weeks of December, and it feels so good to be back in the groove!!

    Good luck this week!

  11. Love your enthusiasm! Not only for healthy living, but for everything else too! Great goals for the New Year - rock on!

  12. Best wishes for a great year. Get on it, those 15 pounds and that wedding savings plan. Enjoy every step along the way of your awesome journey.

  13. Sounds like great resolutions. While I'd love to see the single digit pant size right now I'm aiming at 10. ;) Sounds like you have the right frame of mind so good luck on your journey I know you'll succeed. (cool on the couponing too)