Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Girl Names

It's Monday all over again!

okay, well first thing first... I am NOT pregnant... but I do get paranoid...

I have been super stressed out that if I do not have a baby name ready that God will some how know I am not prepared... Fiance thinks I am crazy but I am really really nervous... So I am reaching out for help!

Here's the deal... Fiance and I have decided that we are not going to learn the sex of our first baby... gender neutral allllll the way... And we have a little boy name picked out that starts with the letter C. I would like to have a girls name that also starts with a C but no name really seems like THE name... ya know?

Anyways I am open to suggestions if you have any... starting with C or not!

Weight loss wise I am a tad pissed... January is the month of Resolutions and Goals... And my job has kept me so busy that not only did I miss January but February is on it's way out the door too! WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE!!!

I am currenly about 10lbs from being happy and 20lbs from being exstatic! Ugh! Frowny Face! Well... I am hoping that I can start waking up early to work out... we will see if that works or not... hmm... well, it should work on the days when Fiance is working... I also need some plan for eating better too... right now I am trying out more cereal... it's pretty low in calories... I also tossed all the sweets that were hanging out in the house.

I hope this works... I hope I hope I hope! 10lbs... just 10...


  1. I like the names Cadee- meaning "Pure" and Caragh- (sounds like Cara) meaning "love".
    Here is a nice website.

  2. Seriously, where has this year gone? Wasn't it 2008 like two weeks ago???
    Keep up the healthier eating habits, those 10 lbs are going to be gone before you know it.

  3. Yes, this year is flying by. I feel that way about the MILI challenge.

    Sorry, no baby names to contribute. We had a hard time naming our little girl (baby #2) and we were focused on vowel names.

    As for eating, that is the tricky one, isn't it? I have a hard time finding really good choices when eating out so we eat out no more than twice a month. Go for low sodium, steamed veggies, etc.
    Have a great week!

  4. I had names all picked out. Then my son was born and he didn't look like ANY of those names at all. My husband ended up naming him because I was post partum and weepy and freaked out. And his name is PERFECT and I love it. Once you see the baby, you will love that baby so much you won't care if the baby's name is Fido. I promise.

  5. What, it's not 2010 anymore?? It is flying by!!! C name for a girl... Cadence, Camille, Carly, Ciarra, Callie... I like all of those! lol

  6. Oh man..when did it become 2011 and why did nobody tell me? I like Caley, Catrina and Callina.

  7. I like the C names those from above have chosen and like some of the others better to have some choices when you have the baby then to just have one and have it not work out...

    If you do not mind me asking, when are u getting married?

  8. I like Caitlin, but I'm partial to that - it's what I named my firstborn! :) I freaked out about names too with my 2nd, esp when I went into preterm labor and didn't have a name picked out yet. I'm talking, tears, screaming, meltdown... it was ugly. Just so you know you're not alone on the name freak-out situation. ;-)

    As for eating, tossing the junk was an awesome first step!! Just don't buy more when you go to the store. Try making one diet change at a time - maybe adding more whole grains or more veggies?