Monday, November 1, 2010

Mondays are my Fave!


Monday Again? Jeeze last week FLEW by!

I had a super busy work week and only made it to the gym twice and I could totally tell today. I barely cranked out 2 miles in 30 minutes and I feel it! Let’s just hope I need to eat more carbs, and I’m not feeling sick because I am pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong… I love babies… but Andrew and I just qualified for a mortgage so that’s where our goals are going to be focused. Insane right? A House?!? It’s a HUGE step for me and I have been stressing major over it! We are meeting with the realtor in an hour or so for the first time. We’ve pretty much seen everything on the net so here goes real house touring! YIKES!

Anyways… I have to say that this week water was KEY… And Almonds for snacking!

Last week I was at 167.4lbs and today the scale said 162.4lbs! I lost 4.8lbs?!

Sorry if I miss TV tonight, we have a lot of house stuff to talk about. But I want to make sure to say thanks to Jared & Subway for hosting once again. They are truly awesome. This week they’re giving away some pretty hot sports gear… like Michael Phelps Goggles?! How awesome would that be to win? Ya… you should check it out!


  1. Oooh pregnancy! LOL I am avoiding that like the plague right now as well,especially with starting a new job! Congrats on the weight loss, WOW!

  2. Holly Cow! That is awesome, the house plans and the weight loss! No one is ever ready for a baby even if it is the right time...just something I learned along the way. Good Luck!

  3. 4.8 lbs?!? What's your secret woman?!? Water and almonds... got it. Except I don't like almonds. Darn...

    Congrats on the house too!

  4. Wow! Congratulations on the loss and the HUGE step. Hope you continue doing the right things.

  5. congrats on getting a house and i hope you have a good pregnenacy hugs great job on the weight loss


  6. Congratulations on the house and the weight loss!