Monday, October 25, 2010

Hop on the Wagon!

Happy Monday Everyone!

First, big thanks to you for stopping by. I absolutely love the support and words of encouragement.

All of the positive buzz Subway has been spreading about re-committing to fit has really motivated me. If you’ve read my last 2-3 Mamavation posts you can see that I have basically been sliding backwards since my wonderful boyfriend quit his job. I was still going to the gym, and my running has SERIOUSLY improved, but my eating was way off track. What was I doing?

1. Eating TOO MANY calories, way more than healthy for my weight
2. Eating almost 75% Carbs and 20% Fat
3. Guzzling Soda in place of water

Now that boyfriend is back into his work routine… and My work has slowed to only a semi-chaotic pace… and my American Eagle (pride and joy) Jeans were getting snug… I decided Enough was Enough and I HAD to stop putting it off.

What am I doing now?

1. Fewer calories – but adjusting for more when I work out
2. Cut out Sugars and Flour – Would not deny myself but they aren’t on the menu either.
3. More Lean protein (Chicken!)
4. Way less soda… I can SOOOO tell a difference when I cut back.

I am back down to 167.2lbs!!! YAY!

That’s where I was on August 27th – a few days after boyfriend quit!

So now I have caught back up to the wagon and I am hoping on!

Hope everyone has a great week! And thanks to @SubwayFreshBuzz for hosting our Mamation TV again!



  1. Great Plan! Sugar is a major step in getting healthy and I applaud you on that. It is good, that You kept moving - makes it that much easier to get back on track with other stuff. Good Luck!

  2. Great job! It feels horrible when your clothes start getting tighter, way to go on re-committing!! Have a great week lady!!

  3. Wow amazing!! i'm glad because i was worried about you. Not because you were gaining but because I knew you were feeling bad abut yourself.

    I'm off sugar too! might try to kick the processed foods in November too once I get used to the no sugar - day 3 today and not THAT hard.

  4. Remember .... baby steps! There will be times when we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back (that is okay and completely normal). The important thing is is that we keep on moving FORWARD! :)

    A great thing for YOU is that if you are ever just stressed you can just POUND that stress away on your awesome SMOOTH FITNESS TREADMILL!! (can you tell that I am green with envy over that) <3

    Have a fantastic week dear!

  5. I'm glad your seeing your bad habits and wanting to fix them tahts the first major hurdle in the fight of weight loss have a great week