Friday, October 1, 2010

Lego Party!!

So... I have been super stressed this week... work is INSANE, and I just wrote a proposal this week to get our company MORE work and we were awarded the project this morning! UGH!... It is a good and bad thing... good for our company to get the work... bad because we already have a huge load on our shoulders as it is... But I guess that's why there are more than 24hours in a day?

Anyways... I decided to relax a little by posting a Lego craft I did this past month (I can't believe I had the time!)... My cousin turned 7 in early September and wanted a Lego party... his mom does not go all out for partys... a few balloons and such is pretty much all they get... I think my cousin thought that if he asked for a Lego party then everyone would buy him Legos for his birthday... haha... kids are so cute... and yes he got a bunch of Legos... but my boyfriend and I personally think that these kids are SPOILED!! Not necessarily a bad thing, but the three of them (7, 5, 2) have pretty much every toy under the sun... plus my grandparents are retired now so forget about competing for the coolest gift... we cant afford to compete with them! haha... seriously though, I have no idea what Legos my cousin does and does not have... chances are if they can be bought in our town, he has them... so what's a girl to do? Well we got him a backpack and lunch box... semi-lame ... I know... but practical, and COOL... ithey were Bakugan of course! (dont ask)

Getting back to the craft... I saw a really neat idea for a Lego Pinata that looked super easy to do... we were going to fill it with candy but then realized that it was entirely too large and the amount of candy needed would have put us in the poor house... So we decided to use is to 'wrap' our gifts...

Here's my wonderful boyfriend showing off our mad gift wrappin' skills!
Here's my cousin checkin' out the GIANT Lego present... he was psyched! It's tough to see but there were like a Zillion other presents there.

And here is a picture of him before he opened it... check out the thing on his head... its a Lego-man-light (like a miner's light) to help him build legos in the dark? IDK but it was hilarious!

The project is really easy, you just need: a box, streamers (1 roll), 6 cups, hot glue and tape...

We started by covering the top and bottom with strips of streamers so that they would be blue and match the sides.

Then we unrolled ~10' sections of streamers, folded them on top of themselves into a 1' section to make less cutting... cut every half inch about half way up the streamer to get the pinata effect...

I crunched them a little so you could tell they'd been cut and would flare out a little.

I started wrapping the box with the cut streamer sections, taping every 6 inches or so... This part took a while because you'll want to overlap each row by about half a streamer for full coverage... blending strips of streamers is reallllly simple since you'll be overlapping.

Once the sides were covered we used 6 cups from the dollar store (already blue) to make the lego notches on the top of the box [this is what makes it look like a lego and not just a box pinata]... this part was NOT pretty... the bottoms of our cups were white so I had to cover them with the streamers which was tough since they were circular. We just did the best we could to cover the tops and wrapped the sides with the cut streamers to make them a little more fancy... Then I hot glued them to the top (tape would have been TOO complicated for me!)

Pretty simple and easy for the amount of impact it creates.... Good luck if you try it! Email me if you have any questions, I'd love to help!

Lotsa Love!


  1. That is the cutest idea for wrapping a gift, I love that!

    Looks like it was a great party for your cousin:)


  2. OMG what fun! I wish I had a boy to do fun stuff like this w/, but I'm stuck w/ girls. All pink for me! lol