Monday, September 20, 2010

It's MONDAY Again!

This time I am in a much better mood!

My weight is up... boooooo!

But that is okay... I was SUPER busy at work so this post is WAY late!

I did go to the gym today... since I gained weight I was super motivated to run hard and fast! I started my run today at 5mph and went for 7minutes before slowing down!! That is INSANE for me ... INSANE! I never run more than 2-3minutes at a time so... insane!

I managed to run an entire mile in less than 12 minutes! FASTEST EVERRRR!


Goals for this week are:
1. NO Fountian Soda... NONE!
2. No Candy... few Carbs...

Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope you have a fantasic week!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you are in a better mood. Best of luck on your goals for the week!

  2. AWESOME running at the gym!!! and good luck with your goals - kicking soda was hard at first for me, but after a while i got to where I CRAVE water! Good luck on your goals this week - I KNOW you can do it!

  3. Awesome job!! Practice makes progress... you are practicing and making progress! I am so proud of you! :)

    When you were campaigning for the treadmill I thought you were already a runner (hense @SeeLauraRun) Silly me... you ARE a runner! :)

    Way to go!!

  4. Awesome run! It's only gonna go up from here!! Whoop!