Monday, September 13, 2010

YAY Another Monday!

No.... I am not really excited that it is Monday... AGAIN... haha

Actually I think the only really fun thing about Mondays is the Mamavation post/comments/commenting on other's posts!

I decided to get my butt in gear and post... even though I have been pretty down lately I cannot keep using that as an excuse to be a bum!

Not gunna lie... did NOT have the best week last week, or really the week before!

But, even though it appears I have gained weight:
1. I am still under 170lbs!
2. My American Eagle Jeans fit today {freshly washed&dried} without a fight! And they're already sorta loose!!

I am really not sure what I am doing with this whole weight loss thing... I was going to keep my post short, but I literally just decided to vent... so here goes:

*I am NOT a runner... I am quite bad a running! I am also NOT a tweeter {someone who tweets?idk} ... I really needed a treadmill, and shoot, winning one was pretty much ideal... so I had to get twitter so people could tweet for me and so I got a twitter 'handle' that was treadmill related... Mostly I don't run... and to be quite honest, treadmills are my least favorite cardio machine... but I really think it is one of the best forms of cardio, and an area that I have a lot of room for improvement in... the elliptical and bikes have gotten too easy... 30mins is no longer a challenge on them for me... If I am going to keep losing weight I NEED a challenge... so running... there we go... But I am really not good at it... I can run at 5.5-6.5mph for 2.5 mins before I need to slow down to less than 4mph for a few minutes... So I have been doing a lot of intervals trying to increase my stamina....

I can really relate my 'weight loss journey' and a lot of what I read about other's journeys to my 'running' intervals... Everyone wants to jump on that treadmill and just run full speed for the full 30 minutes... when in fact it is just not going to happen for a first timer or someone just starting out... Same as a full life-style change... 100% healthy eating 100% of the time is like trying to run at 6.0mph for 30minutes your first time on the treadmill... you are just setting yourself up for failure... but just because I can't run the full 30 minutes doesn't mean I am going to give up and hop off... no, I will jog if I can or walk if I must... but my body will complete the full 30minutes... It's the same with eating healthy I think... or any other healthy habit... You probably aren't going to be able to do 100% your first try... but eventually it gets easier... you can run further or longer... you have more healthy recipes or snacks on hand.... you don't need 3 sodas a day, maybe 1 a week is fine... I am sure you see where I am going...

I feel like the last month or so I have really pushed my body to lose every pound it could in that time frame, like sprinting during my run... and I went all out and gave everything I could... but I think my body is trying to tell me that it is time to jog for a while... So I am not going to push myself to go all out... I plan on maintaining healthy habits; drinking water, exercise and incorporating fresh foods in my diet... but I promise myself that I am not expecting weight-loss nor will I be upset with 'maintaining'... I think that with my current stress level and mood swings that this is really the best thing for ME.

Hope everyone has a super fantastic week!

A few shout-outs:

YAY Stephanie H for being Sista of the week! You totally deserve it!

YAY Chefs Choice for being our wonderful and generous sponsor AGAIN! My boyfriend realllly loves their steaks ~ I got a coupon a while back that bought us a half dozen little fillets and he inhaled them!

YAY Rachel Steffen and GretaB for snapping me out of my funk last week! I really appreciate all the supportive comments from all the Sistas! LOTS of Love!!!


  1. Funks are hard to get out of. I was in one for a month! This week is my week to get my rear up and moving! I know you can too!

  2. Great job on the weight and with running you have to ease into speed. Do walk run intervals you will surprise yourself at how well and how quickly you will improve.

  3. HUGS You ARE successful and ARe doing it! Sometimes our body needs rest... and sometimes it needs some shaking up. You might be in the 'shaking up' phase of your weightloss/fitness journey. I think interval training/strength training... and perhaps even some yoga thrown in for good measure might do the trick to get you past your platau!!

    Rachel @RachelSteffen

  4. hey its ok not to run your welcome to be a walker like me , i do not run and im happy to admit that i love doing my stationary bike i can cycle pretty good. just pick an exercise that you love and you have gotten do at and do that the most and best you can.

    have a great week

  5. Hey I do not run, I go to the pool and exercise 3 days a week, but since you got that really wonderful treadmill (ahem I tweeted for you also to help Well anyway cant you just jog on that thing?

    Take care and maintaining is not a bad thing!


  6. Thanks for sharing! Plateaus are never fun but I believe that you can and will get past this. Good luck this week!

  7. Great analogy!

    You're perfectly right -- we want the "quick results" . .. get in and get it over with -- but that's not the best/surest way to achieve healthy living goals AND our body can't keep that pace up day in and day out.

    Good luck with readjusting your routine and slowing down a bit. I think Rachel S. had some great tips for slowing down w/o sacrificing activity.

  8. You are perfect in that you are exploring what is best for you. That is all that you can do, anything else will just be silly. This week I'll give you a big WOOHOO for staying under 170 and getting in those jeans. Adjust what you need to adjust this week and good luck on being successful.

  9. THe more I read and the more comments I see the more I am being pushed to get off my butt and get back to work. I need to get my self moving. Time to start being serious and get to it. Thank you for your help. You have an award waiting on my blog.

  10. Congrats on staying below 170 AND fitting those jeans without a fight! If you stick with the running, it will become easier. I do lots of of walk breaks but it gets easier to do more if you're consistent.

  11. Fitting into jeans is awesome!! I hear ya with the running. I feel like an uncoordinated dork when I try to run. Maybe we should learn "virtually" together. I'll be your cheerleader and you can be mine.

  12. I'm new to running and the reason I started was to improve my health and fitness. I am definitely more fit, even though I am not fast and haven't lost a ton of weight. But I enjoy the challenge (and the runner's high!).

    Do it for the challenge!

  13. Ha ha I love the fake enthusiasm. I was like really? She's happy it's Monday? Ohhh no never mind! So yeah, I think with the running, you need to take it REALLY easy. I would highly recommend the Couch to 5K plan. You don't start out running as fast as you can either. Injury! So you start at a slow pace, walk run and you don't get up to 30 min until 8 weeks, I think. Here's the link:

    You're doing great!! Hang in there and listening to your body is awesome.

  14. Yep, just had a funk week last week. *sigh* I can't stand treadmills. They bore me to tears even with a silly tv on them. Outdoors is more fun for me and I don't consider myself a runner but I seem to be steadily becoming one. Good luck this week!!!