Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mamavation ... Tuesday?

Yes, Yes... I know... it is not Monday... and I am late...

Well, actually, I had planned on writing in yesterday, but I was SO BLAH.... like super DOWN and just really did not feel like sending extra negative energy out into the world... yesterday all I wanted to do was bitch and complain.... and cry... and sleep...

In college I was 'diagnosed'[read: no one really cared what was wrong, just wanted to medicate and send you on your way] bi-polar and I do not currently take meds for it... I decided I wanted to manage my moods myself, rather than take pills which REALLY did not help anyways, usually made things worse!... So for the most part I control my moods with (extreme coupon)Shopping and Exercise...

I do not know whats got me down lately... probably stress... money, work, significant other.... same problems everyone has! Nothing special or life threatening... just enough to bring ya down... and for someone with tendancys to stay down, not always the best thing!

Oh man... So last week... well;

*I went to the gym 5 times! YAY!

*Did not do so well with the soda intake... I feel like the soda is inhibiting me from losing, cant quite pin point why yet... but I've been feelin' like its really not helping!

*Drank TONS of water... no problem there!

*Eating.... was for crap this week! Low on calories in general... but i did manage to finish off a giant jar of Jif peanut butter... I am talking 6,600 calories!! YIKES!

But I think my body enjoyed the extra calories because I managed to see 166.4lbs on the scale Saturday morning! YAY!

I am super frustrated though... my body is hovering between 166 and 170... depends on the day, time and potty breaks... I really am not sure how I am going to get through this 'plateau' I seem to be chillin' at...

I really need to revamp my whole life-style right now... I've lost just under 40lbs since Easter [did I mention I STILL feel HUGE?... more now than ever, oddly enough]... but the things I did to lose the first 40lbs really aren't going to be what takes the next 10-20-30lbs off... I need a better approach to eating and more than just cardio on the exercise front....

I am just not too inspired right now :(

I have decided that I would like to try for a BMI in the Healthy range... so atleast 24.9 (so 149lbs for my height)... but really more like a 24 (or 144lbs)... before my 24th birthday!

I like that goal :)

24 by my 24th

That's 18-23lbs in 14 short weeks!! or 1.3-1.6lbs per week! I know that's within the 'healthy' weigh loss rates... but it is going to be a HUGE challenge for me because I think my body is use to being heavier... and really has never been below 160lbs in my entire post-middle-school-life!

I'm up for the challenge though!


  1. good luck on your goals!! you can do it!!!

  2. Talk to @bookieboo about how soda messes w/ your body when trying to lose weight. It prob is a big factor. Also try getting away from processed foods so much, this can help w/ weight loss and mood issues. You will be surprised by how much it can help. And if you feel like you need it, look into herbal/homeopathic aids for depression. they might be just enough to help you on those rough days.

    Keep working hard, you can reach your goal if you stick to it!

  3. Time to shake something up in your routine, that will bust through the plateau. Yes, talk to @bookieboo about the soda. You really need to get rid of that. I know that's hard to hear, but it's all bad for you. I bet if you can kick that habit, you'll see a lot of motion toward that 24 BMI! I believe in you!

  4. You can definately reach your goal! I struggle with soda too so I feel your pain, but nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels right? Sorry cliche's on the brain tonight! GOOD LUCK!

  5. hey there - what kind of soda are you drinking? Sugary or diet? As far as plateaus go, as soon as you get really really serious, you'll get through it. Write down what you're eating, try to drink fewer sodas...if you can drink none. They are just chemicals. It's like drinking windex!! Be extra serious for a week and see what happens. if you keep it up you'll break that 165 mark for sure. i have no doubt.

    hang in there. depression bi polar it all sucks. i've been there. exercise really helps me. getting enough sleep too and eating well. stress is a big trigger for me too.

  6. and don't stay away just because you're having a hard time. we're here for you, baby!

  7. HUGS... You know what the great thing about a SISTAHOOD is?

    When YOU are down... YOU need US!
    When WE are down... WE need YOU!
    When YOU are down... chances are someone else is in the same boat and can help lift you up and NEEDS YOU!
    When YOU are up... WE need YOU! :)

    That is how friendship works... a sistahood... we lean on each other... not only in the good times. If you are struggling with something... we are here (in a cyber way) to lend a helping hand/listening ear!