Monday, July 26, 2010


I am tired, cranky and depressed... I am craving a large bowl of
strawberry ice cream even though I loath the stuff!!

How odd is that?

My boyfriend jokes that my 'cravings' are an early indicator of

Have you ever miscarried before? I wonder if you could be pregnant and
miscarry without ever knowing it... I often imagine that it has
happened to me but have no evidence to back up my theories...

I really am tired and depressed... I am out of town (business trip to
AZ... Making chips!) so I have no scale with which to weigh myself but
I imagine not much has changed...

My boyfriends sisters are in town this week (yes while I am away) and
I am so mad at them I could just spit... Too many reasons to list via
email-post-on-my-phone but the main/biggest reason I am upset with
them is that he and I tried REALLY hard to welcome them and include
them in activities while they were in UT but their inability to plan
left everything to the last minute and all our plans fell through....
Specifically we invited them to the Tim McGraw concert and when they
blew us off we decided to splurge and spend our budget on reserved
seating rather than lawn seating.... Well guess who decided to get
lawn tickets after all? FML!

Everyone I have told this story to is like "don't worry about them,
you did everything you could.... Blah blah blah..."

Yea well, that doesn't make me FEEL any better.... At all....

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  1. Oh sweetie I am so sorry. I hope that this is a better week for you.

    Yes, I think you can be pregnant and miscarry without knowing.

    Sometimes you have to let people come to you instead of you going to them.


  2. I'm sorry that you are having a rough time. Don't you wish you could pick your family sometimes?

    Its a new week now...things will get better.

  3. ahhh hugs! In-laws can be such fun!!!!! Im just thankful to live out of state from mine lol. How are you liking this AZ heat? At least it cooled down a bit.

  4. Dear Laura,
    Family is often REALLY challenging. The bad news is that that's what they are/could be -family. The good news is that: you're not there, they go home, you can tell your beau how you feel -he'll support you and maybe have ideas on how to "handle" them, and YOU can live your life the way you want it without paying them ANY mind if they choose not to return the effort you're putting into them.
    Chin up, girlfriend. YOU are stronger than this.

  5. Boo on irritating people and a tough week!

    I never had cravings with either of my pregnancies. With my daughter sweet food made me nauseous, but I never had those awesome cravings you hear about.

    I agree with Mindy, I think you can have a miscarriage without knowing you are pregnant. If it is early enough along, then you could just think it was another period.

    Hope this week is looking up for you lady! :)

  6. Sorry Laura about the family thing, but you need to just move on and deal with your life as uyou cannot do anything about what is done...

    As the posters above said I hope that things go better for you this week, and if if makes you feel any better, I just got done entertaining my husbands sister, it was good this time, and I was dreading it, her and I got off on the wrong foot years ago in MO, so this was great.

    Take care


  7. You can definately be pregnant and miscarry without knowing it. I miscarried my first at 6 weeks...early...I knew a week because I was anal, calculated ovulation, made sure to make it happen, and took the test the first possible moment. Doc said many people miscarry in the early weeks and just think they got their period.