Thursday, July 8, 2010

I {Hate} Exercise

There! I said it!
I hate exercise... hate it... I dunno...
Pretty lame huh?

*ps: I loved that this pict came up when I google Image searched for "GYM"

Well, I went to the gym yesterday, despite my now obvious hate for exercise... but yes, I went...

About 3.. 4.. i dunno 5 months ago I ripped a page out of a copy of SHAPE magazine... it had a monthly calender on it that listed what exercises they thought you should do that day... Why did I rip it out? Well, first - it was MY magazine... I do what I want! And second - it was designed to train you for a triathlon. So each day you either swim, run or bike....

Now I realllllly am not the kind of person you'll see in a race anytime soon. I dont even own a bike! But I was getting pretty worn out of only using the elliptical when I went to the gym... in fact, the elliptical helped me lose a lot of weight... and at one point I was up to using it for 60mins a session with 5 sessions a week... talk about your fast course for a burn out!

So I figured that this triathlon training would help me mix things up exercise wise... welllll apparently not because i am just now getting around to using it! But better late than never... right?
So yesterday I 'Ran' for 30 minutes... which actually was more like a fast walk for 4 minutes and running for 1 minute.... so maybe I ran for 5 minutes total, but I did 1.75miles in 30 minutes... not bad... The SHAPE calender called for 20 minutes of jogging/Running so I hope 30 minutes of walk/run counts... oh well i guess...

Today is suppose to be 40mins of biking... but conveniently i forgot my gym bag at home... I hate exercising SOOOO much that I asked my wonderful boyfriend to bring it to my office... yep! I am one lucky girl to have such a supportive man in my life... so in roughly 2 hours I will be biking my way to 40 minutes!


  1. Go you! Get on that bike and ride the heck out of it! LOL =) I hate exercise also. UNTIL, I start doing it, then I start liking it, then I start wanting to do it more.........I just need to start. I made a commitment to start the Couch to 5K program on Sunday. Here I go!

  2. What?!?! You hate exercise?!?! That is so hard for me to comprehend. Give me a treadmill, DVD, weights, workout clothes etc and I am one happy chica!! Now, food. That's my trouble spot. Not because I hate food but because I love it so. Thankfully I LOVE exercise.

    Enough about me, this is about you! Yay you for going to the gym!! Yay you for having your BF bring you your gym bag!! Yay you for hitting the bike soon! I would be willing to bet you don't hate exercise as much as you think. I think you just need to change your perspective. I think right now you are thinking of it as something you HAVE to do. Exercise can be fun, it is fun. You just need to find what it is you like - so it isn't a chore rather something you enjoy. Exercise doesn't have to be so structured - run on treadmill 20 minutes - play basketball, play softball, tennis, swimming, dancing (Zumba anyone). How about DDR? Talk about fun you don't even realize you are working out until you are drenched in sweat 45 minutes later of playing non-stop. Find something you enjoy and you won't dread exercise. I guarantee it!


  3. haha Maria stole my post :) (& your BF rocks!!!) I agree find something you enjoy. Keep looking until you find something you like or even better love! There are so many options out there-you shouldnt have to do anything you dont like! I used to be you and now I love me some exercise. BUT I still hate the treadmill, I still hate walking dvds, I still dislike yoga/pilates. So I dont do them! I do what I do like and enjoy the process. I hope you can find something you like, please feel free to email me if you want any dvd suggestions :) lindseylu8 at gmail dot com

  4. Girl I hate to exercise too! I think it comes from being a totally nonathletic kid. I am so impressed with what you are doing!

    Well, first - it was MY magazine... I do what I want! my favorite line!

  5. Well I am glad that your bf brought the gym bag to you and will be curious about how the biking goes!!!!!!

    Good job!