Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Night Recap

Short version: My weight is 177.0lbs which is a small gain from last week... blah! I am stuck! but I would rather be stuck than constantly gaining...

Long Version:

My life is full of DRAMA! let's start at the beginning...

So I forgot to take a few birth control pills early this week which resulted in me getting my period about 3 weeks earlier than I'd like... heck who 'likes' that time of the month! not me! that is why I opted for the that time of the quarter BC pills... but my bad for forgetting...

Thursday I put in 12 hours at my work.... I realllly don't feel like explaining the reasons but it has been very stressful!

Our TV broke (it is a 50" projection Samsung we bought for $300 last year off so we had to take it 40+ miles away to Orem to the only store in UT certified to fix the TV... that cost $290 which I couldn't charge to my Amex for the points.... something about the color wheel was broke.... IDK the tv had a fine picture but it was sooooo loud I thought the fan was broke.... but yea, had to do that Friday... But it is fixed and quieter than the day we got it so that has to count for something.... and we couldn't have bought it new for $600 so we are still doing good on that over all....

The trip to the TV repair shop rolled my car miles over to the point where I need to have my oil changed!!

We had a garage sale with my aunt on Saturday... her Sh*tty neighbors took our signs and ripped off the address and then added arrows to point to their sale instead of ours!! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?

And my aunt and wonderful boyfriend were under the impression that we needed to hold our sale from 8am to 6pm!!! are you kidding me????? I wanted to be done at 2.... but guess who won? We made $260.... which almost covers the cost of the unexpected TV melt down... :(

And I have a work trip to leave for Thursdy and I will get back the day of the concert... so that is 8 days of 12+ hours of work to look forward to.... I will be going to Arizona where it is suppose to be 110+ degrees on a cold day... that combined with my hours will likely mean crappy food and no exercise....

Oh and while I am gone my wonderful boyfriends mom and sisters will be in town... long story short I am glad I won't be here! I love his family, don't get me wrong, but sometimes their inability to plan comes off as a lack of respect or care for him and I.... so I would rather be of the mind set "They Can't Beat Me If I Don't Play..." because honestly their inconsiderate nature, while unintentional, hurts like hell!!!

I am EXHAUSTED and did not expect a loss this week or really next week either, but I guess I will keep chugging along and plan my super awesome diet to start 8/3 ....

regardless of the Win, Lose or Blog competition ending next month I will still be working towards my overall goals, even if I am not losing big right now {like I had hoped}

*Praying that my diet slims me down when I get back... where the heck did this year go???


  1. Stressful week!! Hang in there, you can do it!

  2. Seems like there was lots of drama going around everywhere!!

    I cannot believe that about the garage sale signs....that just blows my mind!!

    Good luck this week!

  3. Wow Laura that is a lot happening in 1 week, I hope it all goes ok for you in AZ this week, I agree with Mindy, that garage sale sign thing takes the cake (pardon the pun)

    If if makes you feel any better I have not lost at all since following you guys...just maintaining is all!


  4. Sorry about all your stress :( makes everything SO much harder!!!! Good luck in the AZ heat :( I live here and it makes working out difficult-even indoors w/ the AC blasting! Focus on your food this week since exercise will be hard. Keep up the good work!