Monday, July 19, 2010

Did I Mention the Sunburn?

On top of the awful week I just finished up, I am pretty sure that I forgot to mention that my Wonderful Boyfriend and I got crazy sunburns during our garage sale....

Apparently this last weekend was the hottest we've had so far in UT and we mostly forgot sunscreen.... I mean, I remembered about half way into the day, so my arms and face just got a little color.... but there is one part of my body that did not get any sunscreen and holy OMG batman it HURTS!! Any guesses as to where? Boyfriend didn't wear any sunscreen and spent the day mostly in the shade... he doesn't have red hair so he thinks he is tougher than the suns rays, but man are his legs burnt!!!

Went to the gym @ lunch... was REALLLLLLLY not feeling it.... I feel very blah and depressed... but I went...

Did the upright bike ... 8.5 miles in 29:45 which would put me at roughly 35 minutes to complete a 10 mile ride.... YAY! not bad! Had to stop early to shower and hurry back to work!

I am currently beyond stressed.... just got a call from my client and looks like one piece of equipment will not be arriving until AFTER our service-to-sales date so looks like I am going to have a TON of work to do with rescheduling etc.

I am NOT happy! But I am SUPER glad that I already got my workout in, because these are the kind of days that keep me from post-work-work-outs....

Be Safe In the Sun Guys!!! Burns Hurt!~


  1. I understand the sunburned thing as I have red hair also!
    So most of my life I have had to avoid the sun, and my husband is pretty fair but has gotten darker arms over the years (he works outside part of the time)
    So its good that you exercised, I am needing to rejoin my gym for another 3 year membership, I have been there for almost 6 years.

    Well talk to you soon!


  2. I hate that you got sunburned!!

    I am so glad you got your workout in!

  3. ouch! Hope work stress settles down for you soon! Great job on getting the w/o in!!!