Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I SO did too go to the gym!!

I like to break things into short and long versions for my readers because I feel like some of you might like things short and sweet... personally, if I find a blog that I enjoy I like the 'long' version of the story, so I'm offering both.... Short version is @ the end so scroll away!

Long Version:

One of the unexpected benefits of joining the gym that all my co-workers go to is the opportunity to ladder climb! Yay!! The structure of my company is odd... really odd... I have 4 bosses!! and who has the most authority changes on a weekly basis...

For the most part, I have 1 main boss... I drew a picture to illustrate.... check out my sweet paint skills:Since it's my picture, I get to be the pink square!... My main boss is G ... All my bosses are Junior Partners in my company, but J manages the office so I guess technically he has the most authority... There is one full partner in our Cali office and 5 others in our Mass office... but no other juniors.... Well, my main boss G gives me 90% of my work... but when things get slow for him, OR busy for the others then I get the opportunity to work for J, T and L. This is a GOOD thing since 15%+ of my salary is a 'end of year bonus' that all four of these bosses have input on. So it is important that each boss has a high opinion of me.

G is in the bag... and I chase after little things for T all the time.... J and L are much harder... but G got a BIG... I mean HUGE project {we are talking biggest account on the company books} to design, so the ones he was working on with me got 'dumped' on J ... weird right? Well J and G have different management styles so working with J has been tough and one of the main stressors on me this last week... but so far so good!

Than just leaves L... and man is he a tough cookie! L creates ememys wherever he goes... he likes making people do 10x the work in half the time... on time for him is a week early.... plus he is always out of the office!!! Well, I had the opportunity to save his ass! Seriously, I got him out of DEEP water! I used my super sweet excel skills to prove that we were meeting our contractual obligations to a client which let him wrap up a project months in advance.... and then I left before I had any chance to change his opinion of me.... Well, now that his project is wrapped up he gets to spend a day or two a week in the office... and guess what?

Short Version: L {one of my bosses} is part of the group of guys that all go to the gym @ lunch... and he thinks I am super cool for joining... He reallllly values health and taking care of ones self... plus he thinks that it is better for the company overall... Today he stopped by and asked why I skipped the gym... Excuse me? I beat all the boys to the gym, him included, because they were in a meeting! HA! take that! hehe

BTW why is running SO hard? I stink at it... and apparently running occurs at 5-6.5mph NOT 4.5mph... whateverrrrr


  1. hahaha! love the comment about when running starts. I'm with you! 4.5 miles is fast for those of us with short legs!

  2. Hi! You have been nominated for Versatile Blogger! Please come visit to find out the rules.

  3. I'm with you on the running! I don't really enjoy it, and I find it to be difficult, too! Good luck, you are doing great!

  4. Laura, you are so much like my Husband in explaining things, must be the engineer in you!

    I don't run, walk but not run.