Friday, July 23, 2010

Testing... Testing... Testing 123

Haha! Man I hope this works! So I am on my job site in Arizona
watching an endless sea of chips rushing by me... I don't have great
Internet service so I am hoping that my email-posting feature is set
up properly...

If it is, here is an update ... I know it's been a while!

Wednesday: I biked {upright} 8.5 miles in 28:36 which is a 3:21 mph
pace (I think) so not bad!

Thursday: caught a flight @ 9am to Arizona... Ate 2 salads and a
grande-skinny-iced-chai... And had one peanut butter cookie... Which
is great eating for being on the road... No exercise but plently of
standing and walking around the plant....

Today: OMG I am sooooo bored!!! Maybe we will drive to Tuscon while we
are here.... Most of the work starts Monday... Oh, and I don't have a
scale to weigh in this week... Grrr... But I haven't been doing so hot
lately anyways, so it's not like I was looking forward to weighing in...

My diet starts first thing Monday august 2nd and I will be spending
the weekend preparing!!! For now I will use company policy to refrain
from eating all the tasty chips passing by...

Please leave me comments! I am super bored and would love some

<3 Laura

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  1. Laura, I hope things are going well for you in AZ, its gotta be really hot there isnt it?

    Sounds like you are busy so do not be so hard on yourself about the exercising part.

    Hope u are not as bored, I have not been on the computer all day we have been with family so I wold have messaged you sooner...

    Take care


  2. Laura -just say no to the chips! They will probably make your tummy hurt! :o)