Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two 4 Tuesday

So I went to the gym twice today!

Going through a lot of drama this week...

1. Boyfriend is giving 2 weeks notice with no part-time job lined up {yikes}

2. We are going to start saving for a house! 20% down is SCARY!!!! I think we need to be able to spend $165,000 which means $33,000 down... or $25,000 if I only put down 15%... which is A LOT more than the $20,000 I think I'll be able to come up with!!!

3. My grandma is giving me her brand new washer and dryer... my landlord said he'd take ours out of our apartment so we can put these in... except I think my dryer is electric and my grandma's is gas... WHAT DO I DO?!?! I am FREAKING out!

4. I am Exhausted! and kinda feel like passing out after my workouts... it is driving me nuts!!


  1. Laura, will the landlord tie into the gas line from the hot water heater for the gas dryer? That is if the apt has a hot water heater near by...
    It would be good for him in the long run even when you are not there as they can say that the apt has gas or electric for the dryer...

    Try not to over do it with working out 2 times a day that is a little over the top dont u think, the body needs rest in between work outs.

    Take care


  2. Laura-
    1. Lowes may have a converter for gas-electric since that's what you currently have.
    2. Tell the bf to check your local Starbucks. They're really great to work for.
    3. Easy on the w/o's! YAY for hittin' the gym twice today, but maybe do w/o one as a hard and heavy one and the second as a light one. Maybe just walking on the treadmill. DON'T over do -you don't want to hurt something like your back!!


  3. Home Depot is a good part time job company too, good bene's for schooling reimbursement even for PTers. Rest when your body tells you to. Keep up the good work Laura :) good luck on the house, it will all be worth it in the end to have your very own space.

  4. What Lindsey said. I heard about them because a friend works there part time with benefits.

    You have done wonderful!!

    You WANT to put 20% down or you have to? I did not have to at all.