Monday, August 2, 2010

A Promise To My Readers.... and to Myself!

So... Weight Loss wise I am pretty much failing at life... I gained 2lbs while away for work which puts me at 179lbs... you would already know this but apparently I emailed my weigh-in to myself rather than Jill our weigh-in coordinator sooooo yea... fabulous!

Anyways! Starting a new diet today! I am PSYCHED! And... maybe winning a treadmill? I dont know yet because they have not announced the winners but myself at @Gutimom are neck-and-neck for this baby! Thank EVERY single person that voted! I know some of you even voted more than once! You AMAZE me!

So my promises?

1. I will lose weight this week.... no matter how hard I have to try!
***My Goal is 175lbs ... it's now or never body! let's move it!!***
2. I will go to the gym this week, at least 4 days @30mins+
3. I will not drink ANY soda for at least 7 days... so not until next monday
4. I will stick to my diet, esp on the weekend! No Cheats!

Oh, and here are some pictures from the Tim McGraw Concert... we waited to long to take good ones with the sun so i have this funny one, and the darker one below!

We had a great time... even though I lost $16 and my ticket as we were leaving some how... darn! We were also an hour and a half LATE because:
1. Google Maps decided to take us to South Weber instead of West Valley City (like 50+ miles)
2. OMG insane traffic!

But we got a great parking space, very easy to get out of, and got to hear the end of Lady A's set and didn't miss a single Tim McGraw song... oh and he is 43 and still looks and preforms amazing... worth the $180 we spent? OH HECK YES!

Oh, and now we are looking for a new job for my wonderful boyfriend... we decided that he HATES * his current job and wants to go back to school (more trade school & certification type stuff) and I couldn't be more proud of the man! So we are looking for something part-time in the South Davis County area... hopefully we will find it soon!

And, my lease states that I have to give 60 days notice to move out and that means today I have to decide or we are forced to stay an extra month (oct 1st becomes nov 1st) ... I cant decide if that is a bad thing :(

Last thing I promise!

Happy 4th Birthday {cousin} Evie! Love you LOTS!!!

*Yes, hate is a strong word... but we are to that point right now~!


  1. I hope you win the treadmill!!! Great goals this week and lovely photos :)

  2. Woo Hoo for Laura, that was a lot to tell us, sorry that you lost the ticket and the 16 bucks, but you did have a good time and that is what counts.
    I think that your b/f is doing the right thing by going back to school.

    I am waiting for the word from you on the treadmill, so I will be back on the computer later to check.

    You are in the lead at this moment!


  3. Great goals! I hope that treadmill comes your way!

  4. Great goals!

    I am still voting for you!

    You pics show that you are soooo pretty!

  5. You look like you're leading pretty well now! I hope you win it!!

    I'm glad you emailed me to beg me to vote for you! HAHA! I never would have found your blog otherwise - & i like it! :)

  6. I'm not doing great in the weight loss department right now. I've gained back about 8 - 10 of the original 60 that I lost. And my Choose You commitment that I made is about to go down the toilet this week. If I don't workout today then I won't meet my three-day a week challenge, but I just don't feel like it. SIGH. Been so lazy!

    Sounds like a great concert despite the stupid Google maps, the lost money & ticket. Cute pics. :-)