Monday, August 16, 2010

Mamavation Monday - Where are all the people?!

So I am pretty darn bummed to be resuming my blogging on my personal blog, rather than my 'Win Lose or Blog' blog... Apparently it took the creator a lot of time to 'design' our blogs so they decided to reuse them? Whatever... I.Am.Pissed! Why? because I spent 2 months developing a following that has now disappeared... I can copy my posts and my comments... but NOT my followers... and only 9 of the 52 I had made the switch... I am more than a little bummed~!

Oh well... moving on...

This morning's weigh was 170.6lbs ... down from 172.2 last Monday... a loss of 1.6lbs... not bad... but it is UP from my mid-week weigh-in for the WLB finale. I came in 2nd at a low weight of 167.2... but to get there I was following my diet and did a FormoStar session*... so I was pretty dehydrated for my weigh-in...

Challenges this last week were:

1. Sticking to my 'diet'/eating healthy on the weekends! - when boyfriend and I have time together (which is rare) we are always out and about which makes things tough... plus we love having date nights at our fave restaurants, snacking on pop corn while watching movies and I try to make him a treat (since he helps prepare my chicken for the week {great to have a fall back to prevent the whole "there's nothing to eat so I'll just have some candy...etc})

2. Soda - meh! I love diet Dr. Pepper... but it doesn't do anything for me I know... usually it will keep me from drinking water too (since it fills me up)... but I also think it makes me body crave sweets AND stretches my stomach out (44oz will do that!)

3. STRESS! OMG!... so what else is new? haha! we are looking at buying a house in 6 months or so depending on my Xmas bonus and Boyfriend's employment status... but the bank I'd like to use will only loan 80% of the house's value and WILL NOT do short sales... bummer! So for our price range there isn't a lot on the market... PLUS Boyfriend got an interview with Dannon (yogurt) and if he gets the job he wants, he will be making almost double his previous wage at Kellogg's AND not have to work as much... BUT he will go from a 30 minute commute North to a 40minute commute South.... EGH! The neighborhoods we are looking at are all slightly north of where we are now so that wont help his commute or my stress levels!

Goals for this week:

1. No soda until at least Friday.... that will help me get in more water!
2. Healthy Eating ALL WEEK! with maybe 1 treat meal... it's not that we eat BADLY... but a lot of mediocre eating is pretty much the same thing when it comes to weight loss.
3. At least 4 trips to the gym!

Thanks to Boogie Wipes for sponsoring this weeks blogging carnival over at!!

and Congrats to Kimberly ~ Sista of the week!!!

Wish me luck! I am off to find some followers :)

*FormoStar is an infra red heat wrap found at most tanning salons that claims to help you lose weight... I doubt that it actually burns calories... but the heat does the same thing a sauna does - dehydrates you and relaxes your muscles... I enjoy it, but do not expect to see significant weight loss from it. Plus the hour long sessions typically cost $20-$50 each!!


  1. I was pissed about not getting to keep the blog too. There should have been a way to keep each season. Oh well, I hope that they learned alot during the our season and will be able to do things a bit differently.

    Your list is great!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your blog problems. take a deep breathe through the stress.

  3. I LOVED Dr Pepper! Notice LOVED. I kicked the habit awhile back and now I have one once in awhile as my treat (very rare due to the bloating I get even from 12oz).

    Sorry to hear about the blog problems. That is tough to start over. Good luck to you this week. Keep your head up and your hind end to the gym!! ;)

  4. Soda is SUCH a tough one to kick - good luck! And congrats on the loss :)

  5. Oh, my fav WAS Dr. Pepper as well! Just keep drinking water and more water, that way it will become habit. The only thing I drink now is water, morning coffee, and sometime iced tea(NO SUGARS ADDED).

  6. Sorry about your blog problem. Good luck on your goals this week! Hope it all works out with the job/house stuff

  7. That royally bites that you lost everything from the previous blog. What a pain >:(

    Good luck with your goals this week. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the job situation works out for your BF and that you have a breakthrough with the housing situation.

    Have a great week!

    Steph (@stephhamm154)

  8. Just like losing weight and getting healthy, a community following takes time and patience. It will come. You just show up and be your best and brightest everyday. At least you have a couple more friends to light your way with the Sistahood. XXOO

  9. Blog problems are stressful - thankfully I haven't had any yet! (I am praying I don't because I would probably have a meltdown)

    Sounds like you are focused and you will met your goals

    Have a great week

  10. Congrats on your loss and the transition with your sites. Try not to get too frustrated... mercury retrograde, shadows, etc. Yeah things will be wonky for a while.

  11. Great job on the weight loss! If you can get off the Diet Dr. Pepper it will help a lot. I don't drink soda anymore and I feel so much better. I have one every once in a while (maybe 2 per week) and it makes a difference. :)

  12. Best of luck to you this week!

    I have a think for orange soda. I still drink it every now and then because I wasn't ready to go cold turkey. Do you think you could just have just one day where you can drink it and other days nothing but water? LOL. Am I bad for suggesting that? congrats on your weight loss!

  13. Dannon and Kelloggs are pretty big names! I am sorry about the challenges you are experiencing. Considering the stress, you're doing a wonderful job of losing weight. Go you!

  14. I am following you :) Hoping your week gets better but I know it will as you meet your goals this week! You can do it! Looking forward to hearing about your progress next week :)