Friday, August 6, 2010

Major Weight Loss Milestone!

So... After weighing in this morning, I decided to check to see when the last time I was THIS SMALL was...

Oh, There's an App for that :)

Anyways, this is what I found:

08/06/10 : 174.4lbs <-- Today

06/07/10 : 193.8lbs

04/11/10 : 206lbs!! <---Highest in a LONG time!

12/13/09 : 193lbs

10/22/09 : 187.4lbs

10/14/09 : 181.5lbs

08/19/09: 175.0 lbs <-- About the time I met my wonderful Boyfriend *Heart*

06/07/09: 170lbs <---- 2 Days after starting my first job

05/11/09: 166.8lbs <-- When I graduated College

04/11/09: 164.8lbs <--- Little did I know I'd gain 41lbs in a year!!!

01/14/09: 160.0lbs <---When I interviewed for my current job

11/19/09: 157.0lbs <--- Lowest...ever?

09/01/08: 173.0lbs <--- Day I promised myself I'd lose 10 lbs and get my Iphone as a reward!

I am SO happy I kept track so I could see my "progress"...


  1. Awesome job the past few months getting to this milestone!

  2. wow thats amazing progress!!!!!

  3. This is awesome! I have kept all of my WW's booklets, and it's amazing to see where you are when! Way to go Laura!

  4. I love that you kept track and look how the #'s are going back down...good job Laura!