Thursday, August 5, 2010

Justa Blah Kinda Day

So I keep forgetting to post my workouts... and then usually I forget my stats... so while I remember, yesterday I did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike at a 3:03 minutes/mile pace... I pushed myself HARD!

Today is really blah... I am not going to the gym because I gave up my lunch hour to go home early and recieve my treadmill... oh, did I mention it weights 250lbs and they're leaving on the curb?... oh, and of course we live on the 3rd floor... I have a feeling we are going to be opening it up on the sidewalk and carrying it up piece by piece... and even then... UGH!

I am in a terrible mood about my boyfriends job... it REALLY does not help that I am having horrible headaches from caffiene withdrawl and have been UBER tired all week...just like slow and in a daze kinda tired... I get spurts of energy every now and then but mostly i feel like slumpin' over in my chair and zoning out...

Rawr! I hope this feeling goes away soon!... and by soon I mean NOW!


Oh... lovely little note to end on... jumped on the scale this morning {well not literally!!} and weighed 176.2lbs... WOOT!

*Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming....*


  1. congrats on the weigh-in!

  2. Great on the weight!

    Just think about how much more you will lose by moving the treadmill. ~grins~

    Did you know that Rawr means I love you in dinosaur? For reals.

  3. Way to persevere! AND YAY for the TREADMIL AND THE WEIGH IN! YAYYY!

  4. I am glad that u won the treadmill, hope that you can get it all up the stairs, that in itself is a work out!!!!

    Great job on the weight loss!