Thursday, August 19, 2010

20lbs from Normal

So this morning I weighed in at 169lbs! YAY! back into the 160's... *barely*

I was doing my normal blog rounds and then hopped over to to see if there was any new content and there was! 3 new posts! YAY!... well, The second post was an update on the Move It or Lose It Challenge sponsored by EarthFootwear. They're giving away $500 and a pair of their shoes to the person who loses the most weight during the competition! WOW!

Well, I wasn't part of Mamavation when they started the challenge, but I wish I could have been! What a fantastic prize! On top of losing weight too!! Then I started thinking... the lovely lady in first place right now has lost 13.33% of her body weight!! {CONGRATS!}

For me that would mean losing 22.5lbs! YIKES! I already lost 13ish pounds for Win Lose or Blog so another 10 pounds from that weight if you start there {159 after everything is said or done}... But if I try to lose 22.5lbs right now would that even put me at a healthy weight? I am staring at my body thinking 22.5 pounds FROM WHERE!??

Not to mention I am at my body's happy weight... you know that plateau you hit because your body is comfy there... so pushing myself lower is going to be a challenge {not that I'm not up for it... just much harder than the first pounds lost}

169 - 22.5 = 146.7lbs

WHOA! I have never been that small before {NOT currently either... this is just mathematical dreaming}

But for my height - 5'5" - depending on the day that puts me just barely in the healthy BMI range... just barely? Like the BMI professors think I could get EVEN smaller and still be healthy? Wow!

But yea... the point is that I am still 20 pounds from Normal BMI #'s ... bummer... we'll get there sooner or later ... :)