Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday!

Good morning! - Is it morning where you are? well, it's like 5am where I am (in bed - in Utah) and I cant sleep!!! Oh my gosh! This royally stinks and has to stop!

I am expecting some new faces around here today since this will be my first post submitted to Mamavation Monday! So I guess I should start with a little about me...

First! I am not yet a mom (or currently preggers)... a big part of why I am trying to get healthy though is so I can have a healthy first pregnancy and delivery a healthy child, but also so I can keep my family healthy! Nothing makes me more sad and upset than when I see a heavy child... It brings back too many memories of my past that I'd rather forget, so for now I will do what I can to keep me and my wonderful boyfriend healthy {eating right - which means cooking, and exercise... plus emotional health too! can't forget that!!!}

Second; Yes, I did win the Smooth Fitness treadmill giveaway. {Long story:} I was behind, but not by a ton, for the majority of the competition, but Saturday night, as I sat feeling defeated my friends were concocting a plan. To start, I never used twitter before this competition. But I had to find people who did in order to get nominated. So I literally emailed people {who left their email addresses in their blogger profiles} that also used twitter.... That kind of creativity got me over 100 nominations 95% of which we random acts of kindness by complete strangers. I figured if it worked once it should work again... "thanks for the nomination, now please go vote!"... plus I kept emailing strangers... you would not believe the kindness I was shown, by complete strangers!! These people didn't know me! The didn't owe me anything... and yet they were more than willing to vote. All total I think I sent out 1000 emails (yes, individual emails - as to not be AS spammy)... I begged my readers, my FB friends (300+100), my family and my online coupon buddies over at We Use Coupons (great forum btw!)... but by Saturday it still wasn't enough! I was complaining to a few friends from back east (where I went to college) and they knocked me on the head with a big "DUH! why didn't I think of that!" I went to a school where EVERYONE was required to get an IBM laptop.... there was a campus full of voters! Okay, well summer school kids that all live in the same dorm {Did I mention I was an RA? so of course the current RA was a friend}... plus another friend of mine scoured NYU university for computers to vote... That and reminding people to revote 24hrs later too.... It was insane, but we pulled it off. We got creative!


This last week was a great one for me... aside from the Drama... I kept every promise, managed to bike 10 miles on an upright bike in 29:49 which is my best yet and I lost 6.8lbs! I went from 179lbs last week to 172.2! Oh man! I also was able to finally fit into a pair of American Eagle Jeans I had been holding on to for a year!

A few things for this week:

1. New weight mini-goal is 165lbs

2. I realized that when I drink soda I don't get as much water, so I decided that I will only have some AFTER work on the days that I am not going to the gym twice.

3. Gym at lunch will continue, Gym after work will be added --> my grandma needs a fitness buddy and it wouldn't hurt to sneak in another 90 mins of cardio.

4. Stick to my diet through next weekend as well... like I said, weekends are the toughest!

P.s. I am currently awake because I am under gobs & gobs of stress... Boyfriend and I decided that we are going to spend the next 6 months living like paupers as much as possible so we can buy house. And when I say we, I mean me... his credit is awful and he is quitting his job by September 1st if not earlier... So I have to polish both of our credit scores until they shine over the next 6 months and save as much as possible... and even then, what we will be able to afford will need A LOT of love {which we're game for}...

AND the reason boyfriend is quitting is so he can go back to school, which starts August 25th... oh and did I mention he hasn't even applied yet? and we don't have a part-time job for him yet... I am sick just thinking about the what-if's.... I have to call and see if they'll take him this late, and if so I'll have to do all his registering and stuff...

AND I have to drive his car to work because he and my grandpa are taking my car to get it all street legal... apparently you have to buy expensive stickers for your licence plates every year or you can get in big trouble? Where in the book of life is that little factoid written? Because I was blindsided! {this is my first car ever - and I've maybe had my licence 2.5 years? Mostly driving other people's cars}

Wishings of luck, words of encouragement, any advice or just friendly "Hello's" are always welcome in the comment box!

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  1. Welcome to Mamavation!

    I'm trying to understand a little better.. does this mean you're pregnant? I was a little confused by your comment! Haha I couldn't tell if that was a i'm pregnant now, or when i get pregnant later!! hehe :)

    "First! I am not yet a mom... a big part of why I am trying to get healthy though is so I can have a healthy first pregnancy and delivery a healthy child, but also so I can keep my family healthy"

    I hope you have a wonderful week, and good luck with your journey!

  2. Hi Laura,
    I am so glad that you won that treadmill, it was so fun to see the % votes going up and up, every day!

    My husband and I did what you are doing to be able to buy our condo, we did what we call a practice to see how we could swing it all, and so for 3-4 months we lived like we were making a house payment, and it worked because December 23rd of last year we closed escrow.

    I am so glad for you on the weight loss, you are doing so good, and remember to keep doing this even after next week :)

    We will talk soon...


    PS I love what you call car a real pain here in CA to make sure you car passes emissions tests (if its older) to be street legal as you say :)

  3. Hi Laura,
    FYI, posted on my blog about your win:
    Judy B.

  4. welcome to mamavation!!! Your doing amazing, so keep your head up and keep on keepin' on!!!

    Congrats on the win of the treadmill!

  5. This is so awesome, Laura! I thought your booty post was great, but this is even better! Way to stick to your guns, girl!

  6. Congrats on the treadmill win! I am all of a sudden reeeeeally wanting a treadmill. Have fun using it to create the healthy, fit you!!

  7. Congrats again on the treadmill darling! And welcome to Mamavation. I love the idea of you joining with your grandma at the gym. That will serve you both well.

    One thing about older women. When they strength train...yes, weights...and concentrate on their lower body, they are less likely to fall and break their hip and more likely to live longer. This is all push her over to the weights after 15-20 minutes of cardio. And for you too!!

  8. HEY! I've commented here before! I *do* know the person that won the treadmill *wink* Congratulations. I'm sure you'll love it. Mine is like my favorite child. Of course my kids are beasts so that's not saying much. (Just kidding, they're angels from heaven. Whatever.)

    So happy to see you posting for Mamavation! You are going to be a fabulous asset and WOW 6.8lbs??? you're ROCKING it OUT!

  9. welcome to mamavation! You will love the eay everyone take cares of each other so just use us and we will ise you!

  10. Welcome to Mamavation! Glad to have you join us. Awesome job on the loss this week. That's amazing. Keep up the good work!

  11. wow Laura you did get creative! That is so awesome that you won the treadmill!!! You are doing fantastic w/ your healthy stuff! You sure do have a lot going on but you have a great attitude!

  12. Welcome to mamavation and congrats on winning the treadmill. I couldn't believe how much weight you lost when Leah read off the numbers last night. Does this go with living like paupers? lol. Keep up the great work! I'm glad I'm not competing against you in the Move It & Lose It Challenge! :P

  13. Congrats on the treadmill win and I am glad you are working on getting healthy now for the sake of your family. My husband and I planned a year and half out from conceiving to prep our bodies to be as healthy as possible. It also gave us time to prep for kids, the way people do for marriage preparation. It made getting pregnant and delivering all that much sweeter, like a real process. Anyway that was our experience. I hope you and your family are equally as blessed.

  14. Whoo on the treadmill. I was watching that whole voting match. I hope you put it to good use. Good luck with your stress. That all sounds like a lot to deal with. Those are MAJOR decisions. Wishing you the best.