Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Look Littler Today

Yes... I know "Littler" is not a real word... I think you are technically suppose to say "more little"...

Check that... I take it back... Merriam & Webster say that "littler" is the inflected form of the word "little"... ha! whatever that means!

Anyways... My wonderful boyfriend and I sort of had a fight last night... see, he works nights and I work the hours of a normal person.. psh... anyways, during the week, if I do get to see him it is only for 10 minutes before I go to work and again when I get home... That is only an hour and a half over the course of 5 days!! Takes a toll on a girl!

So work has been sort of slow this week, so I decided to take an hour of vacation yesterday to get home early enough for .... 'us' time ....

Well he did not catch on, though I thought he had... and when we did not get to have the quality time I had expected, I sort of broke down... mind you that my emotions were not completely related to this issue... you know when you are:

  1. Tired

  2. Hungry

  3. Just drove through construction with rude people that merge at the absolute last moment possible, thereby cutting in front of you and everyone else that followed the rules.

  4. Your house is an overwhelming mess (and only you see it!)

  5. And you are having a 'fat day' ... just a day where you feel disappointed by your size and weight loss progress....

Yea... all of those things are bothering me and could we please just add one more disappointment to the pile of crap that is my life?!?!?!

Ha, okay... over reacting, which is exactly what happened... I broke down and BEGGED my wonderful boyfriend to quit his job... the job he hates, and is underpaid for his industry, even though his employer is one of the top 2 cereal companies IN AMERICA!...

I know he felt bad... and I made sure to explain to him before he left that I wasn't mad at him... just our situation and all the drama on my plate right now...

Well.... this morning when I woke up I hit the snooze button... yes! I am Guilty!! well before it went off my boyfriend made it home [which NEVER happens, he barely makes it before I leave 30mins later]... I do not know how many people he probably cut in front of in traffic (yea, we have different driving philosophies) to make it home early, but we ended up getting our 'us' time and as I was getting ready for work (read:showering) my wonderful boyfriend said :

"You look littler today..."

Sometimes he just melts my heart...


  1. I work nights and my boyfriend works the hours of a normal person, so I know how you feel!

    And how good does it feel when someone else notices your hard work!?

    I'm sure you are doing great, and it will all pay off when the fat days go away for good.


  2. I have the biggest grin on my face right now! That is so sweet! I'm glad you have such a wonderful supporter.

  3. Awwww...I'm glad everything ended with such a sweet moment!!


  4. this sounds like my life! that "us" time is hard to come by.