Monday, June 21, 2010

Why I'm Here....

So for my first 'real' post I decided to fill everyone in on why I am competing in this blogging event... Why am I putting myself out there for the world to see? What is motivating me to lose the weight?

Things that motivate me....

Short Term: Slurpees... Specifically Hawiian Punch Slurpees from 7-11, but I use to settle for any of your red variety slushy drinks... Lately I have decided that quality of my slurpee is more important than quantity... so if I behave during the week, follow my diet, and am losing weight, then I allow myself this one 'cheat' with my boyfriend on Friday night.

Mid-Term: My American Eagle Jeans... I miss them terribly! AE jeans are the my fave, but they only run through size 14 in the store. I decided that I would not spoil myself by purchasing size 16 online, but rather i would wittle my way back into the ones I already have. I am excited to reclaim my 'Skinny Pants' which I figure will fit once I reach ~170lbs. For Now I will wear my size 16's from Walmart to remind myself what I am working towards!

Long-term: A wedding dress... no not THIS wedding dress, although it is rather nice... I think that a good majority of weight-loss oriented ladies out there who are not already married can probably relate to me on this motivator. Who doesn't want to look amazing on their wedding day? To not feel like I need to cover-up my *insert body part here*... When the time comes, I want to have a dozen dresses to chose from that all make me feel beautiful. I want to WANT to have my picture taken, framed and displayed. And mostly, I want to start that part of my life on the right foot; being as healthy as I possibly can be!

So there you have it... a short list of things that are currently motivating me!

What motivates you?


  1. I love your motivators! I started because of my daughter's wedding and son's graduation this year. I managed to lose 25 for those events.

    Thank you so much for your advice! Good luck!!

  2. Hey Laura!
    First off, I grew up in AK and just moved from UT. How crazy is that? :)
    A favorite of mine is the strawberry slush from Sonic. Mmmmm. I'll have to think about doing one cheat a week to, that might be a good plan for me!
    Excited to cheer you on, and see you reach your goals!
    Steph :)

  3. what motivates me? I think watching other fat people get skinny and then you know, they act all superior. Then I get mad and that motivates me! I know Mindy and I've been doing no sugar, no flour for almost 11 wks. I was down 23, currently down 20. Almost all of my clothes are getting too big! Amazing feeling! I'm cheering for you! Hoosier Hugs, Cheryl

  4. when are you getting married? my wedding is in may. I HAVE to drop this 30-40 pounds by then!!

  5. Congratulations on being a contestant. Great motivators. Keep up the great work.

  6. my motivator is my boyfriend, when i don't feel like exercising he makes me go out for a run, or a bike ride. he's heaven sent!

  7. Motivation - my hubby farms - and right now he is in GREAT shape -- very buff. He comes home and says we have to go shopping these jeans don't fit. Me on my couch with my icecream yea mine don't either.

    I love having a hot hubby. But I HATE feeling like a fatty!!

    Good luck!!

  8. Laura,
    Great motivatiors! Congrats on being a contestant! GOod luck and I am excited to see your journey! :)

  9. Congratulations Laura! You have a great list of motivators! My biggest motivators right now are my 15th HS reunion and my 1st bloggy convention in September! I would LOVE to be 20 lbs lighter by then. :)

  10. I think treats are important. Going cold turkey is devastating to a diet. My goal is a pair of Lucky Brand jeans I found on Ebay. My plan was to lose the weight and go shopping for a pair... but I found a new one for $10 on Ebay and couldn't resist. They sit in my closet now, waiting until the day I can slide them on.

  11. Motivators are great! I'm a Slurpee gal myself! I think it's great to allow yourself a cheat; that way you won't be tempted to get into bad habits because you know you'll have that little allowance to look forward to. Good luck!