Monday, June 28, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

...Ha! I wish!...

Well, okay... so last week when we were informed that we had been chosen as contestants we were asked to send in pictures of our scales by a certain time at night... For some reason my email did not want to receive that message so I got it just before the deadline. After I had already drank like a million bottles of water and had dinner.... not the best time to weigh ones self... but I had to, and the scale read 183.6 pounds... holy mama!

So this weekend I was actually able to see my scale read 176 pounds! That is a huge loss in one week! The weight I sent to W,L or B was my Sunday morning weight which crept back up to 177.4 pounds... but still an over all loss of 6.2 pounds!

Seems like A LOT... like too much a lot... well, I am not going to lie... it was probably mostly a water weight loss... and maybe 3-4 pounds of fat... Also, I switched up my diet pretty good to the point where I mostly only eat Apples (see previous post), grapefruits,oranges, strawberries, salads and lean meat... i drink A LOT of water and throw in some ice tea (no sweetener) and diet soda... I cut out non-produce carbs entirely (for now) which my body is not use to... So yea, this week was a pretty big loss... my body doesn't work like Nikki's apparently, where shaking things up has you start out with a gain, {BTW get over there and show Nikki some love! She is a great girl and I KNOW she can do this!} ... I tend to start big and slowly lose my speed...

I have a feeling that 178lbs to 174lbs is going to be a tough battle! My plan for moving forward is to add *some* sort of exercise... I cant decide if it is going to be Jillian... or the Gym... Cast Your Vote Now!

But I did say earlier that I would post measurements... seems like quite the thing to do for this challenge... I am not shy about it so what's the hold up already?!?

I am actually really glad that I took measurements back in April... That is when I decided to really get my weight under control... at the end of April I was sent to Texas and staying with my diet was tough... I did not gain any weight during that month long trip, but I didn't really get to lose any either... so now I am back on track to tackle my weight!

I am going to have to stop into Victoria Secret to double check my boob measurements... I have a hard time believing I might have lost that much... that would be a bra size for sure! I tend to lose weight from my waist the quickest... my hips just don't like to let go of the cushion!!

My wonderful [very sick - in recovery , Thank You!] boyfriend said to me this weekend:

"You're like a glacier... Slowly melting away... You don't notice your body changing every day, but after a while you really can tell..."

Good Luck to all my readers this week! I hope we can all stay on track to meet our goals... whatever they may be!


  1. I am so proud of you! You did so great!

    Love how many inches you have lost!

  2. great loss! Youre doing great. My vote is Jillian (love her Shred, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, and No More Trouble Zones) but do whatever you will stick to!

    Love your boyfriends quote!

  3. Laura, I am so happy for how you are doing,in fact all of you are doing great in my eyes...

    I hope that your bf is feeling better.

    I vote for the gym but that is only because I have been going to a gym for 6 years to swim and its something I stick with, is the Jillian a DVD?

    Take care


  4. Congrats! Those numbers are awesome!

  5. Hmmm, I think both are great options. I would probably go for the gym personally because I'm more apt to do it and work hard while I'm there BUT I know some people who are the opposite and never actually make it to the gym so maybe you should try it for a week (I know you can print off a free 7 day pass to 24 hour fitness online) and see how it works for you. I love the variety of classes and I especially love kickboxing classes!

  6. Way to go! I'm doing Jillian's Shred right now and love it! It's a great option since we can't afford to buy gym memberships, and it's difficult to carve out gym time anyway with my two kiddos! But for sure pick whatever you think you will have the easiest time sticking with - and maybe even enjoying!