Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Good, Terrible, Awful, Really Bad Day

I wanted to post about how awesome today was... I weighed in at an incredibly low weight of 176!!! I had a great posted planned with the intention of posting my measurements, but things change...

My super wonderful boyfriend who I have previously posted about is REALLY REALLY sick... He came home from work early last night around 1am (gets off normally at 6am) and hopped in bed with me until about 5am when he went to the bathroom, for awhile... When he came back he told me he was sick... He had a stomach bug last month so we have some antinausea meds for him ... So I gave him one... An hour later (6am) he asked me to get him some pepto from the store... So I got it and he had his first dose @ 7am and another @8am... After that I went back to sleep and left him resting on the couch watching a movie... I woke up at 10 to the sounds of him throwing up ( he hadn't eaten anything to throw up!!!!) and he said we needed to go to a doctor...

3.5 hours, 3 IV bags, 3 blood tests and a sample later we finally went home ... It has just been a really miserable day.... I want to make my man feel better and all I can think is "what foods can I give him to cheer him up?"..... Too bad he can only have Jello and clear liquids (how lucky I just hit a huge Jello sale!).... Isn't that weird? He's sick as a dog an I want to bake him cookies?!

I am tired and I feel defeated... I wish I could make my baby magically all better... The doctors do not know what is wrong with him... They said it probably isn't food poisoning ( which is what he thinks it is... Thinks he was poisoned by a banana slurpee)... And that it is probably Krypto or a similar virus... Which could be contagious.... Fun times!

I will try to post more later, and sorry for the typos, I am posting from my Iphone ( no not the new one!!)


  1. I'm sorry he's not well. I hope he gets better soon and that you stay well. Just keep your hands washed. I get so busy taking care I forget to do that and end up sick myself. :) I'm sure you can cook as much love into jello as you can into cookies.

  2. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend, but he is in good hands with your loving care, you were right about the jello sale being good timing!

    Get some rest yourself and I pray that he feels better soon.


  3. Oh honey that was an awful day for both of you!

    And yes...totally weird that you hit the jello jackpot and then this happens!

  4. Sorry to hear he isn't feeling well. Hope he gets better soon!


  5. Oh Im sorry to hear about your boyfriend. Hope he feels well soon... Funny you just scored all that jello!