Friday, June 25, 2010

1.21 Gigawatts .... {my lovely lady humps pt. 2}

Haha... yes I intend on comparing my body to the Flux Capacitor... Yesterday I posted about the song "lady humps" and a scene from Blades of Glory...
Everyone has areas of their body that they like less than other areas... There are apple shaped people and pair shaped people... and no one loses weight in the same areas or at the same rate as other people... we are all different...

Personally I carry a lot of extra weight in that 'spare tire' area... the whole way around my body... when I gain weight it typically forms a 'roll' underneath my belly button... and when I gain A LOT of weight I get another 'roll' above my belly button... and when I lose weight the rolls shrink and well it just isn't 'pretty' ...
I wish it were easy to go straight from :

To this:

I dont think it is physically possible to have 'show-off' abs like the ones above... but I would love to not have a 'frowny'-'flux-capacitor' belly button..

OMG... yes! That is my belly... I will be posting my weight and measurements tomorrow! Better come back and see me!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I told DH I was afraid to lose weight... all that flabby skin made me so sad... but then I remind myself that I need to be healthy and I feel better. BTW I think your tummy is cute! teehee

  2. You are doing so good all ready! Your tummy looks tiny compared to mine ;)Keep up the good work and remember to keep a positive attitude :)

  3. I am with roll is bigger!

    You are doing so well just keep up the good work.

    And I will NOT be posting pics of my tummy. ~grins~